Santa Fe, Home Depot, Denver discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


At green in April this morning with Marty Lynn's. He said, she said leads to an ugly lead up to the run-up for Denver. Mayor details coming up. Traffic weather is hovering in that KOA jet copter. John Morrissey, how we look in on that drive pay. It's a pretty ugly drive coming out of a war of this morning. South out Judy five backed up before I love there's a car fire no longer burden. Yeah. It's just the, the it's forgot the right lane block of the ramp from southbound two to five onto southbound I twenty five big backups coming out of a roar. Pretty crowded drive coming out of Lakewood on eastbound six, every from Wadsworth drive two eighty five heavy from federal Jamaica way, Santa Fe had through Inglewood and over two twenty five and speaking of Santa Fe northbound Santa Fe as jacked up all the way back before Bellevue, somebody hit a vehicle in the HOV lane up near union. Northbound Santa Fe is really struggling your downtown drive. Pretty heavy both. I twenty five and I seventy at I twenty five southbound heavy from Santa Fe getting down into the texture of twenty double on the north side. Very heavy traffic boulder turnpike drive around the Sheridan hundred four church ridge. Your I seventy six drive at to seventy both very slow like you'd expect that westbound I seven. Thirty six ride through coverage city and then over I twenty five out for the Vada area Wadsworth. I seventy heavy in both rags of green twenty five juju at how the lights Val functioning Alameda at Dayton, causing delays. This report is sponsored by Home Depot. Hiring near you for sales associates, and overnight stocking. Join their team obliged today at careers dot homedepot dot com. That's careers dot homedepot dot com. The Home Depot is an equal opportunity, male female veterans disabled employer. Next update seven forty KOA NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. Hey, good morning right now. This may is on track to be the fifth coldest in Denver's weather history. That goes back almost one hundred fifty years. But today, we finally start to warm.

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