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Do so. Craig Della more news radio, 105.9 FM, Dabney BBM. It's 10 0 wait. We'll check out traffic and weather together now on the eights, first to the roads, and here is trend. Erickson. Okay, Bob. Things are looking good. If you're on the Eaton's or Kennedy, let's throw the Eisenhower in there, too. Things are moving. Just find there. The Stevenson okay, but the inbound side the inbound wrapped to the inbound and Ryan is down to one lane. So that's pretty heavy, and then they run into roadwork. And the inbound side of the Dan Ryan that is from Roosevelt into the party. There, changed about from 18th really, and slow from the Steven said through that water of roadwork zone in the left lane, you're outbound side 71st. It's jammed really to 95th now, and that's construction. Take it out a couple of left lanes and I'll be in place till 5 a.m. Tomorrow. Both of those instances will be 57 of the bishop for remain in good shape. Lake Shore Drive is a mess North down from the old Street curve up to Fullerton because of a crash. Your South bound side takes the heat around Fullerton. And then as you approach Chicago Avenue on the brakes as well, there is no problems on the tollway's really the tristate Adams and Reagan looking good. That's 53 3 90 are pretty decent shape as well as I 80 but 80 90 for road work slows things. A westbound. This is from Clyde Indianapolis Boulevard. That Robert take the left lane out in two right lanes are eastbound down on 80 94 between Cal. You met Kennedy Avenue pretty heavy through their much worse east that westbound that's both till five o'clock tomorrow, too. Next traffic report at 10 18 by news Radio 7 80 what a 5.9 FM AKI Weather forecast now for the nighttime. Partly cloudy, 62 for the low and a few of the western suburbs.

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