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Diarrhea, Dr Pepper Dr Pepper, Strawberry discussed on Lights, Camera, Podcast


It's the there's a picture of a limited edition Dr Pepper dark berry flavor. Yeah. Right. Interesting. That kind of sounds good cat does Dr Pepper Dr Pepper, raspberry or something. I actually didn't know. Blackberry, blackberry or blueberries did they maybe like more of a tart Dr Pepper? I think most berries tar, it's a black suit in this. Maybe this blackberry period. Be kind of cool line them. What quick question why why is blue raspberry the default coloring of raspberry flavor stuff as differentiate itself from its Jerry and stronger counterparts question. Because I don't think that there's such a thing as blue raspberry in nature. I don't know. I don't know why he's been so become so ubiquitous raspberries, always blue raspberry. I'm pretty sure you can't have three shades of pink in the airheads container, whatever. Yup. I think I think you're right on the money because I what's this we compete page. Fucking trill genius. The blue color also helps to sing wish raspberry flavored foods from cherry and strawberry flavored foods, the former usually being colored. Okay. Anyway, that's great. Call. Why don't you demotes strawberry flavored to blue strawberry? And then bring bring raspberry up to read. Yeah. I feel like I feel like strawberry taste green. If that makes sense green apple dominates, the green you Heller over the color spam? And it's always like super sour. But strawberries to me they should be green. Yeah. I agree. If I if I have one problem with what God did to this earth is said he didn't make rubber green. That was a big fuck up under park. What's actually now in strawberries agree? I don't let me when you see a green strawberry. Like what you like to shit. Strawberry. Yeah. You've been brainwashed too by big God. Big jesus. And god. Capitalists over Driscoll. Strawberry. Fucking by the way. I don't eat any strawberry except for Driscoll wide address. Go look so much better than every other stroke. I don't even know. No -nother. Strawberry brand. Dude. Are you guys dole or Chiquita banana guys, I'm allergic bananas? Now what I've actually alerted to every bit of banana banana flavoring anything banana flavored I'm allergic to I throw up with about fifteen minutes. Oh now is that the flavoring or is that the fruit too because the flavoring doesn't taste anything like a banana everything? I can't I started having like I would banana my protein shake, and I would have no issue and then slowly. But surely, I developed it, and I I I like keel over onto the ground. I can't move. That's how straight Jeff is. He can't even eat a banana throwing up. Fellas y'all look at bananas. When you go the supermarket couldn't be me. Let you girl ping Amazon. Trying to find other. Strawberry brands the. Also noted that when things get people diarrhea they started to say, they're allergic to it. And I feel like it's an important differentiation between something you're like actually allergic to versus what gives you diarrhea because you just need some gives you diarrhea you need to come out and be honest with me, we had eight twenty four interview at mid-nineties left episode, obviously if you listened and we was. Book end by diarrhea talk in the initial cut because talked about super diarrhea, and then we had another end with diarrhea and that came after the. Launch Ables pod. And now we're talking about it again. So on a real we always hit streaks with things. And I guess it's just reminds you that business inside article that was Sinophile ritual. His lights camera borstal is here. Interviews with diarrhea talk making sure we will. That was a classic up. And it was that was last bit of news here..

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Diarrhea, Dr Pepper Dr Pepper, Strawberry discussed on Lights, Camera, Podcast

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