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Right now is to think of this thing called etfs brought to us by juliane as we close out two thousand seventeen it's a good time to take stock of the year in etfs one way a good way to do that is to look at flows for that information were joined by eric bell tunis of bloomberg intelligence so what do the tally for look like they're big by be covering it he has for ten years there there's never been a year like this there are basically gonna take in about four hundred and 75 billion when all is said and done that's approximate now keep in mind this crushes the old etf record by sixty six percent while eighty six billion was last year's record and it's also crushing the mutual fund record by twenty one percent which was three to ninety three billion so etf sr in a real of groove right now and the common theme withdrawing most people is the cheapness almost all the money went to products charging less than twenty basis points that something we've talked about consistently has every year posted an increase or has there been a year where there was a pullback the past three but and before that gives up and down but slightly it's just an all record upon record rocketing higher thanks so much eric with the bloomberg etf report and julie hyman the journal reading the average us media me drive mount lebanon of these please the ride rival since may monetize his drive two two sza lu dr to the global community world fireup dunc'd on on bloomberg radio this is the core johnston area modesty studios out over the san francisco bay beautiful day here in san francisco may be only in san francisco results beautiful john trainer is is the a cio the wealth management group with the people's united bank which is based in bridgeport connecticut came in a little cold and connecticut today i suppose genetic against bitter tougher than us california's you can handle it but they're more vast but you guys are tough one of the things speaking of foam always looked as if you're missing out looking at this market and not being fully invested hack looking at the corner avelino i like the.

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