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MEL, Alfred Hitchcock, James Mason discussed on Norm Macdonald Live


Actually she said at stronger than that but i won't tell you what you ready said but dumb she did not like impersonators and mel thought but listen east doing dennis weaver eased doing alfred hitchcock fred mcmurry my gosh this guy's different and she said i'm not impressed now all of a sudden the tape is still going she heard my james mason and she went wild for our i believe that again air and so he did o and she loves james mason because she made that movie stars warm with him and that's how i got on the garland shoshana they on the impression because of the because of the chimed smicer lem prussak listen to me ask a korea insect curious thing talent is on the mafia know yours they dissents of time i am i for a single tanning points all recognizing the big chunks wanna comes along and clapping that was the speech i did from day one and then i then then a few years after that i saw james mason at american film institute tribute in la and i was invited i think they were they were honoring john huston and there was james mason so i want up to chiefs matthiessen than i said mr mason i'm rich little am i do an impression of you and he went water four anyway i just wanted to thank you forget it me on the duty thoroughly so i don't know what you're talking about moving away from this idea and that was it john huston have our jobs you than all jaume hugh i made a film with john huston worsham wale well what and back in the embassy.

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