Front Running, Kano, Carr discussed on The Meb Faber Show - #61 - Jack Vogel - (Factor Timing?) It's Next to Near Impossible'


I'm looking forward to the days when we start front running you guys in the nearby search front running us and we'll have to start rebalancing our interview portfolio at the end of september so be a whole quarter has a case though you end up you end up same thing with the portfolio i think also 50 names in around fifteen exempt so we take the va names from for we go from thousand two hundred fifty and then stepped through forest wendy rebalance ascribe soii think this is probably a good little segue you know the we talk a lot on this podcast on on the blog about you know index seeing him when you start to move away from from the market gapindex in we often say look if you're going to be different be different in so you guys have developed some pretty kickass tools in a 11 feature on her website we've talked about before zor visual active share tool so for newer listeners who probably mr discussions on this maybe you could start by giving us equip synopsis of of what that is the general thought process behind it and then of course what what y'all's tool actually just yeahsowhatthe will let me give you the genesis in kano what how and why we wanted to build the world right so as you mentioned you know if you're if you're going to build a different portfolio right there's two ways ago veiled at one way as you just kinda closet index and you know you build something called value call it momentum but it's really just the index the other way is you build a truly unique portfolio and so the question is for a lot of people investors financial advisers in in the marketplace it's really hard to get through what i call it a cloud of marketing i you don't really know which are buying carr's you can kind of easily be duped by by good marketing and so.

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