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I think there's going to be sick generation while he's GonNa. Look at employment say. or the are these future et hiddink. There's going to be a lot better turn of plays rotten claims to see whether they have lung tim. Careers a lot of Johnstone's Hasley wool. Mara as you can get all, but I think we've got something to cruise. and I think you'll be wanting to cement place close the gap on Liverpool tracker for next season. I think he's getting ready for the Champions League and we also have to remember the shadow of issue of on message. We don't quite know what asking be probably in. Admit you live, it's. Cool evolve attrition. Yeah and as you said, we understand that decision will will come the middle of July, and then we'll know in the primitive, whether it's the top four top five or qualify for the competition next season of course on city. We're GONNA. Finish in. It's all for five. I think the. Of course they were desperate to to to get this L it yet. They are if they are found guilty. Don't you think that's going to drive them more than ever robbed? You imagine if they lift up that trophy and that Banfield for one or two years going forward on. The Lee love systems coming in was keeping. He's planning again. These findini anything getting by planning to three years now and you're GonNa love this team firing challenging, looking at the top of the League and being out of it, so I think. That it'll be rejuvenated months the job not. Less than Chelsea Belbin changed. Him See them. You see most changing in its flew beyond those two. Lester Lester had. A lost two of the last three games rob the last one I believe. Against an Right right so. I predict them to stay out for. A little bit worried about them. I mean they've got a little bit cushion there right now. I got to five point solutions. Basil. The great we still, too. I say now is not. Now not not such an issue and we know what is a top coach would have gone over. It's I'm sure some tactical things. They've been arrested. They've got a raise levels again, so I think they'll be okay I think Chelsea be okay as well I think the top four as you sit right now is GonNa Finish Mine United of the ones below its United Wolves Sheffield united than you into then you're into, suppose and Arsenal. The few points away I think mine unites it will feel. Given Russia's back given pope was back given a new signing Bruna Fernandez and and and the the enthusiasm. The boost given him. They will feel my friend I. think that they can. They can find a way. They can find a way to get into that salt for five. Depending on the situation, so spurs why Sheffield at Home Brighton Home Bom White Southampton away a Home Palace Away West Palm home unless the way. Typically, it doesn't not. Only Eh. Finan quake is roughly. They can win them. They can win a law. Any gave US A. Sense it that. was exchanged at United. States feels like social is now going to be the Galileo lab console behind As you say momentum, nine copy is important. Against his rob is going to be important. Lows experienced a dangerous with with the five. Eagle came back so. Occupied people who were missing so in does not gonNA. Lose A. winning. At united will not gain would not gain. Big Run of six games where. Bomb half teams. Tusk of interesting four. We're GONNA. Leave the of the lead because I think it's time. Let let's turn our attention to. We've done the state of the trump. From the beginning of lockdown down the Labor, announcer teams, nineteen and twenty, which means Aston Villa in Norwich under the spotlight. We just cannot look at those. Two Teams in the bombing mammal joke about three teams. We most wasteful will. We stop to Nazis. dislocted to make no some of the tremendous charitable work, three June at this is lockdown the..

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