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Will go down as probably the least successful speaker of the house in the history of our nation she has done nothing he violated the constitution in such a way that could not be ignored let's be optimistic about the future a future that will not have Donald Trump in the White House one way or another ten months from now we'll have an election if we don't have him removed sooner but again he will be impeached for for she hundred and ninety four days presidential cold order order see to shine the our final news roundup and information overload our uses unemployment is the lowest it's ever been in the history of our country the levels in a horrible poverty level in the negative sense now their poverty levels all the best they've ever been in the history of our country same with Hispanic Americans the best unemployment numbers are in the employment numbers and the same with Asians the best unemployment and that was the president from the other night while I'm at let me go back because you cannot you cannot dismiss what happened at the national championship game last night I don't even want to look at the ratings receive a every national championship game they're just pathetic I don't know that so one night I got to give everybody a pass right Linda I got to like when I lived Hannity's America on Sunday night so like all right nobody's gonna watch me on Superbowl Sunday so you know and I don't blame people you know we need a break every once in awhile but in all honesty and it was a good game and you know the number one number two ranked teams in the country and I thought was I think both teams are phenomenal teams and Ellis you just what they were unbeatable last night nobody was going to beat them like a professional team there so good anyway so the president did it but he walks on the field holding the first lady's hand just prior to the national anthem listen the the the founder of applause and the chanting of four more years and the chanting of USA doctrine that the president got now are if we're just gonna comparing contrast I have said every two and four years what I said to you it drives me is a conservative not absolutely insane that the race card gets played Republicans are racist their sexes their misogynist they're homophobic xenophobic Islamophobic they want dirty air and water bomb actually said that they want grandma grandpa pot eat dog and cat food before a Paul Ryan lookalike throws him over the cliff well under Biden Obama and democratic rule eight years what we get thirteen million more Americans on food stamps eight million more poverty Lois labor participation rate since the seventies worst recovery since the forties Lois homeownership rate in fifty one years many double the debt took on more dead than every other president perform combined which by the way the president's changing now that economic boom when our shrinking the deficit thank goodness and he said he'd be dealing with that in a second term they need to increase our defense spending dramatically but and I'm not making excuses that's probably the one thing that he's got a really dig his heels and on a second term that he had no every other promise he kept our fresh in his that record low the best employment you six number ever since they started recording the best unemployment or employment situation since nineteen sixty nine the met some of you are born by that and three point five percent record low unemployment for African Americans Asian Americans Hispanic Americans women in the workplace and youth unemployment eight million new jobs eight million fewer people on food stamps wage growth dramatically increasing every measure every economic measure I will mention anymore but you get the point I notice from Kanye west came out as a trump supporter people furious now that we have eight polls where African American support for the president is at one pole thirty four and a half percent thirty four another poll thirty three another Paul twenty eight another poll twenty two and another low is to sixteen million eight percent of the African American vote in twenty sixteen if you got sixteen percent it's game over and this narrative this false narrative Republicans are racist I can't stand it because it's a lie racist sexist they even did omit Romney is the ad resumes of women Vince Ellis and is joining us sees columnist lecturer alter their of the book the iron triangle which discusses you know why African Americans you know have traditionally historically supported the Democratic Party had met through a mutual friend that I sat there and all listening to vents goal off for over an hour but I think this is not an out wire I think it's transformational why because conservative policies and I promised everybody nobody believe me of the time a lot of Republicans and conservatives hated me because I kept telling everybody know he's going to govern as a conservative because I've known the guy I don't know I believe that to be true and I told the audience the truth and I was right but some people hated me some still do hate me anyway Vince has a fascinating background been cells and welcome to the Sean Hannity radio show great job on TV last night well thought sharp thank you for the opportunity that I'm glad to be here with you today I want to get a little background on you.

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