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Looping hello i'm ted site he's and this is capital allocators this show is an open exploration of the people and process behind capital allocation through conversations with leaders in the money game we learn how these holders of the keys to the kingdom allocate their time and their capital you can keep up today by visiting capitol allocators podcasts dot com a year ago i sat down with my friend steve galbraith to record the first conversation of capital allocators we had a great time i thought i might be onto something and i promptly lost the recording for the next two days eventually i got the technology to work recorded a few more and went from there it's been a great journey and an incredibly fun time and i'm eagerly looking forward to the next year one common refrain across my conversations has been the importance and subtleties of affective governance in making optimal investment decisions alongside steve's incredible career as an analyst strategist portfolio manager and entrepreneur in the asset management business he is served on his many boards as anyone i know i imagine many of you have heard steve story but if not you may want to have a listen to the very first episode of capital allocators before diving in here our conversation today starts with an update on steve's personal vestment in the nara gas at beer company and moves into a practical discussion inside the board rooms of each of his current seats that range across the university a large family office a public company a government agency and to early stage fintech companies we touch on time location governance structure board composition adding value the politics of boards and the motivation of board members we also get into an update on steve's family office that he's managing alongside his wife lucy a season distress debt investor and we close with the brief contrary outlook on the baseball season steve's perspectives and insights on the real world of boards is second to none and this conversation is full of gems as our first one thank you so much for your interest over the last year and for spreading the word please joy my second conversation with steve gabar.

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