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Yourself. By clicking on the link in the description to download the free ground news that that impact of spike rippled out in which spike made clear that we could take our reality. Make it in the books and movies and tv shows. It was a there with a route that we had that hadn't been there. Before and also the spikes parallels hip hop growth despite spike himself. Interesting enough loves hip hop but he loves so much other stuff came from a jazz family. He wasn't like i'm just into hip-hop. I'm into black culture in all those different ways but the hip hop thing also was a sense of i can tell my own story. So the black independent film movement starts with spike can robert townsend and it goes in john singleton and so forth and the us brothers. That's one track. And then you have hip hop which is emerging in the late eighties is kinda quotas. Golden age into the beginnings of sort of west coast. Rap have these things and they're doing they're telling narratives for black point of view and to creating stars and what it did was it turned brooklyn into a brand the brooklyn. We know now in many ways begins with spike because a narrative around brooklyn Before that the dodgers had left in the fifties by the seventies it was like you couldn't get a taxi to brooklyn actually spike even in a funny little short film for Senate live about trying to get a taxi that the brooklyn it was a joke but it was also like you couldn't get anyone to take you over damn bridge back home if you went out late at night so brooklyn to become a no zone and it become that thing unless you went to broken heights. And that was truman capote you know. It wasn't a place to go to. And she's going to have it and spikes brooklyn centric nece. Because you know. His third film is do the right thing. And then throughout crook l'an and Mo better blues brooklyn. There's a character and almost all his early films probably except for maybe a school days so he helped make brooklyn cool and four green then becomes this place where charter schools. But in. but it was just basically. They weren't many restaurants. There was a key food. You avoid it like the plague if he didn't wanna die because of meat was terrible but they were house parties and barbecues and some of my best memories of the era our house parties. You know you can go to a party. In his larry fishburne or laurence fishburne as he would have you now and it'd be lisa jones a fantastic voice and and also. There was a very strong lesbian community with a couple of bars. There so it was a lot going on is with the music was going on the big jazz scene avant-garde jazz And then later on you know brantford and and went and move over win. Doesn't like brooklyn because it's it doesn't stay. Open that late at that time in all it was was takeout chinese so he left with branford stay there. So bradford becomes an actor to spike brand for does film scoring. You know If you look at the score for moment of blues. That's very much this idea of cool. Hip-hop cool jazz all happening at the same time it was. It was happening all the time in fort green and clinton hill. And you could really walk out your door and run into common. Eric about do saw williams toray chris rock there was also the sense that there was so much going on that for all of the parties in all the socializing. People were getting stuff. Done is incredible amount of creativity became. And so there's nothing like the proximity to other people doing good stuff. I look back now. I remember in nineteen ninety two time it was going to do a big cover story on the new black renaissance. They call it. And i remember at the time thinking. Well it's cool but it wasn't enough work being done. I don't think enough work could come out. But now i can go now. We can go back twenty thirty years. Now let's say look look at all these movies. Look at all these actors. Look at all these records. Look at all these books and really quantify that as a incredible time. When i did the documentary brooklyn boheme we at the crux. I knew it was turning. And i wanted to get it while i could because i feel like now. It's really ancient history for green means something different than it did. Then what spike creative there. There's other thing where people every time. They're always predicting people leaving new york. No then all new york came to brooklyn. And so if you were someone who didn't want to live in manhattan but you still were wanna stash new york sunny. Look over at these brownstone. Wow and you know the point of of new york. It's all about real estate. The fact is that people always go to south. Ransoms fucked up. You guys never sorta lowy side look at any video of basquiat walking around that that bombed out areas. Not the bronx is manhattan. So all the different clubs. The mudd club. And all that that was that supported that art slash music slash performance scene was all predicated on cheap real estate for artists and cheap cheap. Rents for clubs did heating. That's gonna come back now. Now that pandemic has emptied out some parts of new york. Well the person york demon emptied out. Midtown manhattan is going to be interesting. The theaters opened up in and that will definitely bring back the tourists. I think people are gonna wanna come back and it has already.

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