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The med one one to Conforto swung on a high drive to let it back he's on the track at the wall she's gone Going away as I. Mentioned a carry's pretty well the left. As well Conforto nemo go back to back then? A, belly to belly John sterling given the man here on the fan yeah I kind of would have expected them to say that instead some sort. Of profanity rather than. The back to back in a? Belly? To belly good job outta? Hand where are we going to running. Man is that what To me Yeah I think he's at this Right now Giant much humor there where we went on vacation Right He wouldn't Wasn't tell us He's, definitely they're here hey rights sitting under. A giant mushroom watching the sun come up Dave Rimington oh God Reposted I'm looking, at Yeah. Or tweeted re? Tweeted, are you here oh. I could do that that would be good because no. One's heard from him break tweeted since mended on kept guns. Texted us since Friday right Must be. IN Several times where? Are you going Think boomer, is here under the giant mushroom I think so with. Or without clothes on Well he's. The one who kept saying we'd be naked Awesome wrong naked out there Man if he's going to, be sitting under these mushrooms he's. Gotta be doing the gods doesn't he Oh man good times, AJ coal serving up the big, flies nights Clammed up After, Todd Frazier took coal deep in, the six five homers on the night for the Mets to against loser. Luis Severino I'm Ed Rosario lead off the game with an opposite. Field shot Jose Bautista took Ceferino out to right as well to runs last in the fourth Mets beat. The Yanks eight to five is split the subway series. This year Jacob degrom six and two. Thirds innings the three run ball. To earn he struck out twelve Nimmo says one fund to be in. That, atmosphere obviously our guy did amazing again and Wiki is from run support. For him eight runs in each of his last two starts his record at seven and. Seven afterwards more questions about his Cy Young candidacy I'd be lying. About it so Go out there and continue to to. Pitch Calloway didn't let him continue with two outs in the seven hundred and fourteen pitches. In and Brett Gardner do I just couldn't take him past you. Know Oh most to one hundred and. Twenty and with the guy that was coming up to the plate he might put a. Fourteen pitch at bat. Together and Jerry Lewis Frank Gardner. Got yes You mentioned that did you yeah burning man he, was at thunder dome Thought about this computer. These distract people more than. Any of the other computers in the studio whoever sits in that, chair Blevins did get garnered, line out on three pitches as for Severino just not good enough again ERA over his last seven starts seven and a half eight are rather eleven. Home runs allowed and put his team? Behind, the eight. Ball on this why retiring Hey The about more than two or three rounds. You you can be in, trouble especially when you give up to right away or trouble there in the first inning where you, know he's just that first standing just not as crisp is really with any bitches concern for Aaron. Boone he loves, Chris Chris. Crispiness that's his word of choice for. Sure Neil Walker says their backs were against the wall all. Night I just kind of playing playing, up Oh Time we crept. Back they can't push the. Envelope Severino was. Struggling CC's Tabatha is now on the DL some. Right the inflammation in sunny gray is such a mess that they are leaving him in the bullpen and bringing up Louis Sessa to start against the race. Tomorrow Jay Happel. Pitch tonight's opener against Tampa posed by, hunter Woodward pregame on the. Fan, six twenty five an. Opener I know some of their. Opener names that one I. Do not very. Well could be I don't think they have many. Guys in the rotation do they have any left archers gone gone did he come back raise hurt he gives you I don't know I know less than. He was on. The DL came back once I don't, know if he ended up. Back, on the morning would Hold on Long. Island on the boomer and GIO show on the fan what's, up Turk Guys I wanted to make you. Laugh do? You my? Mother we live on the island and I got to pick up a team of issues. Retired so when we go, there I always tell us she walks out a winner because they still toilet paper From the casino hitting One that we. Just opened over. Here I'm. Not gonna I know I know exactly you the one? Right. Off the right yeah you take You should wait is a janitorial closet they're? Just. Ripping off You know I. Take everything you want One Ross Geller on the line, here What else do you take Turk Anything garbage bay I'll take anything they got an And With, Turkey just declared this on the. Radio what if someone over at that? Establishment, now here's this lock in the closet They're not gonna do that Laughing built into, the rate steak would take would? You get your hands on I've heard of, stealing the sugar packets from a diner maybe a little salt. And pepper packets. But not breaking into the janitorial God How proud he was of, this? Right that was the thing that was amazing about it like you wanted to declare. It I'll take anything that's in. There Paper Chris swipes Underwood is an opener by the way. He is okay I can get to the bottom of that. And. They've got Tyler glass now as, well? Now in the trade with the pirates for Archer so for all the worried about. The raise rotation therein therein okay The nationals get their hearts without.

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