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But i don't know me too and it's weird that the split just came at the go home show. Yeah right like did you like that. That was a quick split by now we finally get fed up and then boom right into the pay per view. Yeah i mean. I don't mind it the teaser for long enough in our here so i'm cool with it. All right seemed quick but no problem and then next up we have sheet of versus nyla. Rose we talked. I mean i've seen it. They could probably pull more out. But that's what's the story. The stories the same big wrestler champion. Nyla has look strong early. Beat the hell out of sheet. She has to come back. Find a way to chop er down literally big man little man story lights and end up winning the gutsy performance fifteen minutes. I saw that the first talk. I don't know how this changes anything. I'm a i think they've done a poor job. This match oh god. If i it listened to another vickie guerrero promo i. I think there's no outcome that i think works for me. I don't think she should win. Because i feel like her. Tyler run has been stale to a degree but then if cedar doesn't have the title which is now the roles getting the title back again also seems strange to me because it doesn't feel like they have enough talent up at the top to make sense out of this and i think they've already done then they do brickmaker and she'd before dip wasn't necessarily this iteration of brick right so i feel that's the direction you kind of have to go because i can't see any other woman on this roster right now competing for the w. title no so maybe she'd a wins and we go with brit baker versus sheena. She loses again and then she's the big show like she's braun strowman cheese that person that the next baby face climbs over to earn that spot. If you know baker become champion you gotta go to nyla. She's roadblock which isn't a bad position by the way like she's will stay in the top four or five women in company. It's just you've exhausted your title opportunities kinda stuck but yeah. I think they put back on. That's going to be my prediction. Because i think they just want more vickie guerrero. I think they like that. They love this old w. talent as managership see. I don't. I don't think that's the reason why i just think that is built for this title. And that's kind of the reason. I got to put it back on her because her losing again just doesn't work. I just i look at the depth this division. I just don't know where you go from here. No ideas it's a four person vision. Yeah at max four person. So it's it's rough and they gotta get an influx of characters onscreen ready talent and that's tough because you know as much as people talked about like. Yeah they at the top. They have a lot of people who've been on camera and they they've done well in adjusted to that but they've been bringing any. Wwe impact real heavy hitting talent in the women's division. no one who worked weekly. Tv the broadening. A bunch of indian women who are talented but indies like. No one has weekly tv experience to carry that division. I don't know so that's that's tough. I don't know maybe nyla winds in they did some surprise shit like sign. What's her face. I forgot from impact who in mexico who thunder rosa not a thunder rosa allegedly going to wwe man data four horsemen. What is her name. Tessa tessa thank you. Yeah maybe you'd like bringing tessa as a baby face and she faces down with nyla up tonight the wind. They seem do for like some shenanigans or pop surprise. You know person they do. That should every show. I feel like i feel like they're waiting for it. Spot for they feel like the waiting for the should go away to bring her in. And i don't know when it's going to go away but yeah i mean sooner later just got saved vision. You only sit on talent so long next up matt. Hardy versus sammy guevara. Sammy needs to go over. Met doesn't that's that. Is this a cinematic match. It elite delete. it has to be okay I don't know how this fits in a pay. This is going to be long as hell. Yes if you give me a matt. Hardy deletion seen in the middle of. It's going to be fun. San rivera's one so i i like that. There's been very few non entertaining. Final deletion style matches so. I have faith that it's going to be a format. It's just gonna make this pay per view long as hell and Sammy winning. Why not and i think sammy going over matt would set the stage for a really fun. Few between sammy guevara and orange cassidy. I think that'd be a great few. It'd be better if that was somehow for tnt championship. But whatever cool. That's tied up right now. So whatever works. But i think those guys that's a feud will be one preview. Feuds you know where we go back. And we see like the cool like chris jericho versus rey. Ministerial viewed early in wcw. And then we see it seven years later and wwe for like the main title. You know right. It's one of those callback feuds or like y'all you remember one year into eight w that these two are feuding cassidy and said rivera damn. Yeah and now. It's five years later. And they're feuding for the w. title. So that could be really cool in that regard next fdr versus the young bucks. This probably been the worst bill match. In storyline they have in the company..

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