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Right. Forty six years in counting gimmicky, call eight hundred four four four five seven nine one or visit them online and oh Ida dot com. And we'll go out west, and it's a rainy night out west. Once again seems like they're falling on that pattern on the weekends. But tally -fornia for the time being especially down in San Diego where the reds and the nice win California looks pretty good at least the lower three fourths. This say San Diego, LA San Francisco. Anybody good? However, the showers rumbling across the upper part of Californian head right on over to the badeah. Oregon rainy rainy night up in Oregon specially with all the snowflakes up there around the Portland area. It looks. I guess. Be hanging with them most of their Saturday. Same thing in Washington state. I lot of snowflakes around Seattle they're getting rained on the night. Now, this all this activity is moving eastwards so Montana. You gotta go on on Idaho right now going on. Yep. Club Montana, though is Taylor. You kind of get the pitcher stripped and right now to North Dakota. That's one to say right next door to Montana that will be working its way eastward of the good news is down south everything was pretty good in the mid west. There's on new mex-, Texas looks good Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri. No problems. I'll even Nebraska's getting the chance to dry out. However, once you hit their Indiana Hoosier land in down through old, Kentucky, Tennessee once again, lots of rain and good old alabam got that big storm system pretty much located right there, and it's working its way, eastward.

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