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All the boxes are sitting Lukaku is concerned, I back to Syria on, really the other side of Milan. AC Milan with chance to maybe jump into this top four Paolo. They've got Spall on the weekend. When we look at this AC Milan team. I'm really just kind of curious. At what point do we think they can get the job done against Paul look may not have won the last couple of games. They've put themselves in a position where they're at least nipping at the heels about the inter- waiting for an opportunity, and if they played in the last couple of games against this team that have anything to play for goings this final round, every possibility that said we talked about this on the serial podcast, just this week, a lot of these teams in the middle of the table, who you might take the ground, and I think traditionally, Italian football, reputation you can take these teams gronk when they haven't things paper season. I've been very competitive followed by grateful this swallow just last week and took points off all mind. Effectively eliminated them from the Champions League race. So I don't think line can take anything for granted, but they certainly they certainly have an opportunity, and they probably have the easiest fixture of the three teams going into this final weekend. Got something playful. Follow me on outside the top four to start the weekend. Let's go worse case scenario. They can't get the job done against ball. They don't make champions. What would the ramifications for the club, they'd be significant for show, the club is under investigation for by for financial fair play. In fact, a couple of investigations that sort of still being worked through the first one, of course, meal were banned for year from your pink competition, but they appealed it successfully appealed it. But it's still the legal without on the appeals process processes still being worked through. And now there's a fresh investigation into the latest three batch of accounts, which is still to yield results ongoing. But the ramifications of very real for them as a club the management group was he took over the club from a situation where these things hadn't been handled very well. He's trying to put the club back on a better track. What's long-term intention is still be still define now. They may well be looking for to Sal and find the new by themselves. But either way, the club needs to clear. The mass was created before they came in, and I think they almost two grated agree then than, for instance, I've a real need to get this money in and start that process of making things healthy again. So it's huge for them, and it's huge all of these clubs in terms of who you can buy in the summer, but I think just me Lon have that, that post, I guess, clouds Eclair at the moment and without Champions League football. It's a law. It's doing this suddenly going to have to be some, some big sales, I think all of the other part of this chase for the Champions League is Atlanta. I was listening to the serious podcasts. I guess last week. And you guys were saying that maybe finally the pressure is getting to this free flowing side. True. Yeah. Well I mean this is a really tricky spot for them on the final weekend. You know, they should be playing at home. Right. It's the end of the season, one game, let's go against swallow midtable, and they should be thinking, right? Let's do this in front of fans and get a big emotional push over the line because they've just a Cup by Talia final, which they lost a lot year. They've had draw with eventual to zoom thing draining games. And now instead of going home, they're actually going to swallow home stadium. Because staying that for the lawsuit games a season, while their home ground is being renovated. It's almost in a way game when it should be a home game. It's a it's a really sort of texting spa. I think especially when you see the spoil just drew with my last weekend, affectively eliminating them from the champions aches team. It's very much still kicking on and trying to win games. Even though it hasn't got a stencil Blake something big to play for. So there's a lot of pressure on this game..

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