CDC, Congress, Senate discussed on The Car Pro Show


News I'm here to make you on the road with vice president pence in Iraq where he pledged continued US support president trump's commitment is to independent and sovereign we continued to the concerned about the malign influence of a ram Ross around president trump has been very clear about that I spoke with prime minister Ali about that the V. paying a quick surprise pre thanksgiving visit to US troops still stationed there he is now on his way home following testimonies before the house Intel committee the impeachment inquiry appears ready to head to the GOP controlled Senate democratic lawmakers could send their Christmas gift to president trump by the middle of next month an impeachment vote by the full house of representatives only two U. S. presidents have been formally peach by Congress boxes Lucas Tomlinson America is listening to fox news W. away I'd local news ATP is pulling lettuce products that may contain romaine lettuce from their stores in response to notice is issued by the FDA about the possibilities of romaine lettuce having a coli Brian again reports the CDC is urging people not to you let us from California Salinas valley in an urgent warning the CDC link to national II coli outbreak to romaine lettuce grown and harvested in Salinas and the general region the warning includes whole heads and pre cut salad mixes health officials say forty people across sixteen states have fallen ill and twenty eight needed to be hospitalized George Strait will be in fort worth tonight and tomorrow night for shows.

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