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Nations special, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan hosted by Brett fare. I think people don't fully understand how close we were to as successful assassination, Of course. Brett's also host of special report weeknights at six P.m. Eastern, on the Fox News Channel in this hour. Like never before we stitched together audio of of Police and Secret Service interviews for people who were there on D was touch and go. Actually, at first, the president didn't know he had been shot. The Secret Service didn't know he had been shot they thought when they pushed him in The limo that perhaps he just hit his ribs on the hump in the liberal limo. But then the agents reached down and I saw blood when he reached around his his torso and then change directions directly to the George Washington. University Hospital. Let's go back just before it happens. Where is President Reagan? So he is heading to the Washington Hilton, and he is You know, giving a speech at the same time there is the would be assassin, John Hinckley Jr. Who has pledged his love for Jodie Foster a young Actress who obviously went on the further stardom, but in his mind the assassination is what is going to get him attention and focus to win Jodie Foster's heart. Hey, actually does a trial run against Jimmy Carter doesn't do it. But then Tries to pull it off President Reagan as he pulls up to the Washington Hilton. And so he presidents there, he's waving to people and he goes, you know, direction right toward Hinckley, and, frankly, I mean, it's It's right in front of them, right. It's just a matter of a few feet and had it not been. For the Secret Service, pushing him out of the way. And obviously, for James Brady taking the bullet that he took, It could have been a lot worse on Daz. Itwas the surgery was very difficult. And when Reagan is rushed to the GW hospital, he gets out of the limo. Azi. People are watching and he walks into the hospital. But then kind of collapses in the wheelchair on the other side of the door, and they rushed him into surgery, right? They didn't really even know And he didn't even know it the time just how badly injured he was. The bullet didn't Miss his heart by much. No, no, just a few inches and um and they could have done a lot of damage, lungs and other other organs. But it didn't and he was very fortunate and usually uses that moment to kind of change. His perspective on things and the American public rallies around him after that assassination attempt, and people look at that moment is kind of a hinge point in history. You look back at the J. F. Kennedy assassination, JFK. Assassination and Dallas and all that transpired after that, on the darkness, that kind of followed in America, you talk about JFK. That assassination attempt is in late 1963 even off in office. 2.5 years, Reagan had been in office, not even 2.5 months. It would be like the assassination of President Garfield. We're Barely had any time in office at all. That's exactly right. And you know the moment in for JFK, that assassination was a dark moment in our history. That moment kind of kicked off a lot of darkness. This moment would be assassination and his recovery. Is actually turns around and becomes an optimistic tone for Reagan to hit on every time he talks about was he opened. Over the years about what happened and his feelings about it all. Not much. You didn't talk about it a lot in public a couple of times. Not much, though. I think he didn't want to give John Hinckley Jr. The Credit that he so wanted, and the famous line that he so wanted and the focus of the president. But in this hour we stitched together all kinds of reactions, including what the president thought. Was there ever a time that Vice President George H. W. Bush was close to taking over is in an acting role. Well, yes. You know the 25th amendment, It instills the power of the presidency. Bush is out of town. He flies back in And chooses in a very George H. W bush way not to Land Marine one on the South Lawn. Remember during this time, there's a big power grab kind of in the White House is Al Haig. Secretary of State says I'm in charge, and that's a legendary now infamous line. And I think you know how that transpires in the White House is another part of this story that's really fascinating and becomes a key part of this hour. President Reagan lost a lot of love the hospital. How long did it take for him to get out of the emergency department to get back to the White House and then to be working. It was only a matter of days. It was very, very short time. And it was a miraculous kind of recovery, considering what potentially could have happened. Back to the gunman. Right, had mentioned John Hinckley Jr is obsession with actress Jodie Foster that started when she was a child star in a movie Hinckley loved Taxi driver in which the main character at one point plots to assassinate a presidential candidate. Hinkley tried many times to contact Jodie Foster, calling her repeatedly writing her poems and letters, but ultimately, he decided the only way to get her interests has become famous. Taking the Reagan assassination attempt would impress her now right after firing the shots, Hinckley was tackled and taken into custody later sent to a psychiatric facility and then put on trial in 1982. Found not guilty by reason of insanity. Hinckley was then how's that a psychiatric hospital? By the late 19 nineties, he was allowed to leave to make supervised visits to his parents house then in 2016. John Hinckley Jr was released allowed to live with his mother under tight restrictions after a federal judge ruled he was no longer a danger to himself or others and by 2018. Some restrictions were lifted, and he was allowed to move out. So now Hinckley is a free man. Yeah, which is fascinating in the big picture of things, a guy that tried to assassinate one of our presidents, but it was all about being famous. And now he lives in infamy. You had referenced earlier press secretary James Brady. He was shot in the head and very badly wounded, and in all of this on, it's that shooting that led to a lot of gun control. He was a big advocate after that. Hey, Woz, and a lot of people point back to that moment on his advocacy for gun control issues. Remember, the White House briefing room is named the James Bright Brady White House press briefing room and in honor in honor of him. You know, Had he not been there? That bullet definitely could have hit President Reagan in a split second. You know, America could have changed. You had said that a lot might have been different. If you've got a lot of research on Reagan. Your book three days in Moscow, Reagan in the fall of the Soviet Empire..

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