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In London Boris Johnson the new prime minister has told all of Europe he has no intention of renegotiating bracket they're going to crash out and then they'll talk to the E. U. as any hope of avoiding a hard break that it's on them to stop trying to push the jury to make terrible deal and get out of it income for was something that makes sense for the United Kingdom and the European Union they were punishing the European Union there punching United Kingdom for trying to leave then I can just going to leave Boris Johnson gonna do it they're gonna call election gonna win a landslide my representative Kenny mark chant of Dallas is called it quits the twelve house Republican to retire but most of them most of them are turned out of their committee chairmanships and that explains it I told you yesterday that a seventeen year old boy had thrown a six year old boy from the top of London's Tate modern art gallery shooting seriously injuring and is in critical condition but stable for no reason whatsoever the boy's been charged with attempted murder in Cairo we have our problems here with killers in el Paso in Dayton in Cairo a car bomb killed twenty and injured dozens more newspaper industry getting a new look Gannett and gate house are joining forces they are now going to publish two hundred fifty daily newspapers in forty seven states I don't think it's going to save newspapers I think there be five newspapers at the end this maybe for Caesar say Akhmed mad bombers sent pipe bombs everywhere the big Trumper he's going to jail for twenty years good you send a mail bomb that's what you should get China has one Hong Kong protestors and not to take restraint for weakness that is very ominous senator Tom cotton just said on the show just said if they do that there will be if there's another Tiananmen Square it will be a hard break in relations with China he all the China not to do Tiananmen Square president trump imposed new sanctions on Venezuela yesterday targeting their leaders great John Bolton Wilbur Ross are in Lima Peru attending the group of people the states all around an Israeli attempting to just force Maduro to leave the Cubans to leave their killing people they're killing people seven thousand extra judicial killings millions of refugees the number of children over the border in Colombia from Venezuela is astonishing and they're starving even in Colombia Colombia is doing the most they can food for the poor is helping now these are just place kids and they're being fed by food for the poor which means you can help us I'm running emergency drive for food for the poor at work in Colombia with Venezuelan refugees these are not people on the move to the north these are the kids who have fled Venezuela because there's nothing to eat there's nothing in Venezuela Maduro is destroyed the country and so millions of people have left hundreds of thousands a number in Colombia including tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of kids and they need food everyday families are struggling listen to this food for the poor staffer EDC people that are basically dying in Venezuela because of not only lack of nutrition there's lack of healthcare the you know there is dying because their hospitals and clinics in Minnesota don't have the resources to care for the patients in many times they don't even have the medical personnel to do because he the the medical personnel has also left Venezuela so it is an urgent Edie's an emergency and it's not getting better it's getting worse by the day in worse by the day so go to crisis in Latin America the button at the top of you you attack com can you have ten dollars twenty dollars if you give a hundred you're gonna feed.

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