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So after that he. He after he completed. Studying she became a teacher, I wanNA ask the INFO local monastery in Soto's shift. And he and he found that Neither monks, nor the teacher the at Mona XLII presented yearly Sierra Practice Wow Yup. They are the to become a priest to them how to do ceremonies. Charges and he didn't like it, so he escaped. This is a lineage of escaping institutions. It sounds. Yes. and. It's interesting. I am so you mentioned? He went to a Yoga Chara. Temple he was yoga temples in Japan. Was this at university? Can put or monastery both I mean. Hold you is. One of the oldest, but is tempering Japan. Established by Short Oktai, she I think fringe shorter. who was a person who? Accepted Buddhism. In Japan, Japanese, history and hold you. Temple was horns on a main one ASCII all. So a shoe. Halsall shoe is. Jeopardized Japanese a name for your teaching. While in so so there was this, so he really saw what was happening this Suwalki Grocery? So what was happening in the monastery? This became his emphasis on Zan along with the importance because he felt a real value of encountering something directly before you study it. Yeah, would Kush Chioma have studied? Then before he encountered like. Would he have followed the same sort of as? I. Think so even when he was studying western. Philosophy has studying Buddhism, but but not practice. And then I heard one thing that well. This is interesting because I heard one thing while Suzuki row. She was in America teaching. JAPA- Japanese forms then coach Yama was in Japan. Emphasizing Zana Ova Japanese ritual forms right so this. This feels like two different things going on in two different parts of the planet right? Yeah, yeah, is that? Do you think that's you know that's a generalization? But do you think it's a fair generalization of these two strings? Very interesting..

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