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Talk nation. We've got louis. From halston harlison optics. It's one of those companies and we were talking earlier. It's like it feels like you guys haven't been around that long but then it also feels like everybody knows you. You guys are just doing a lot of cool things. Yeah i mean you know. We started in twenty thirteen. So you know. I still consider as part of the new kids on the block but You know we've we've been able to make a little bit of a splash and you know people are paying attention. I think we're doing things right and that's where we're getting that recognition finally. Yeah well and you were telling me that you kinda come from. A background of owner comes from a background of being. That engineer never never been satisfied with the product or the specs are he. I guess knowing that could always be better. Is that a fair way to put it. Yeah definitely i mean you know You know. I hear the complaint every now and then. Hey you know you guys came out with this product and then a year later. It's now it's completely different is changed and yet you're correct. I mean we don't wanna sit back and say hey we did a good product and we're just gonna leave it there if we can make changes and and make it better word made sense to do it. Yeah we're gonna continue to try to push make that product as best as we can. So everybody that i know is looking at red dots on pistols these days. That's this at this point. It's not even a new concept. It's almost we're getting to the point of like weight. You carry a gun with just iron sights. It feels that way i mean. What are you seeing. What are you hearing. What do you think happened. Because you've seen this progression since in the last eight years or so of the where we were and now where we are today. What what do you think made that happen. You know i mean. We started seeing red dots on pistols. Become a little bit more predominant you know twenty eighteen ish Is when we started seeing a lot of the guys and more companies doing optics. Ready guns and stuff like that and you know i- i- internally i was like hey i think twenty twenty this is going to be somewhat of a normality. A lot of people didn't think it would move fast but here aren't twenty twenty one and you know already in two thousand twenty. We had all you know. We were having compact pocket. Carry guns already optics. Ready as well and yeah. There's even on category of optics for that size as well. So it's definitely moving a lot faster than what i think. People thought it just makes sense though. I mean it's kind of the same thing of the revolution of the red dot on the rifle. It's kind of crazy. I still deal a lot with l. E. and i still ready to agencies. That are still running our sights on a rifle which today has probably like taboo rome but I just think you know when you associated and understand the pros of running the red dots and the technology has definitely caught up. I mean putting on a sliding on a reciprocating slide of a gun. It's a hostile environment. But they're holding up the technologies caught on. So i think that's what's helping fuel. You know the the progress of it being just normal standard. It's actually not a new idea to put a red dot on a pistol. It's been being done for decades. The competitive shooters have been doing it for a very long time. And and you're right. The optic is riding on top of the slide as the slide slams back and forth for them backwards as you shoot. It's violent this is. This is not easy for something. That is an optic has has lenses has electron ix has a battery. And i think you're right. We're we're getting to the point where now you can put it on top of their and it doesn't fall apart or or just turn off or whatever. Yeah yeah no. It's it's definitely. The technology is definitely progress considerably. I mean you know we and we can spend hours talking about the science behind it. I mean like you said just the battery alone. i mean. There's so many things going on that you don't think are going on that it. It definitely takes a toll on the system but you know. Luckily as i said you know. Technology has caught up. And and we're seeing you know products take the abuse and keep running. You know twenty thirty forty thousand rounds without an issue yes impressive. I always put it this way when when given the choice is a competitor. If you're an open division competitor which basically kind of means anything goes to point. They put they put optics on their guns. Whether that's a rifle or pistol or whatever. Because they're shooting faster there she more accurately And same thing goes for the elite special forces military guys who they don't care i mean if it's if it's pink and has barbies on it and it makes them you know be able to survive. They'll put it on the gun talk about that. You know every now and then you'll hear i'll hear shooter talking about. I don't like it. Because i feel like i'm cheating. I've heard that term used quite a bit and the funny thing is example. You just gave the shooter of a competition shooter. Wise a competition shooter doing a wisn elites force guy doing it they need or they want the edge and whatever i can use to give me the edge to perform my job as best as possible. I would want it. And i think anybody else logically would as well naturally. So why wouldn't you take. Advantage of the technology is allowing you to do it. It's an interesting thing. I don't want to do it because i feel like i'm cheating. That's that's a crazy thing to say. Like i've heard it more often. What you think. That's crazy because you know if i'm if i'm in a competition in it's legal to do then i'm gonna do it if i'm in a you know in fear for my life saving my life or others whether that's a civilian or law enforcement type person. I'd like to cheat every way possible. I when i was a kid my my dad said don't get in fights. Don't pick fights that kind of thing but if you find yourself in a fight and you're getting your butt kicked i'm okay with you finding the biggest hardest thing next to you and picking it up and hitting somebody across the head with it seriously. He told me that. And i never had to do that. But i always knew okay. So that's an option. If if you really are in trouble right so i mean yeah you you want the cheat code for whatever you can do if somebody's trying to hurt your family now. I know you've been doing this. You work with law enforcement. You've been to a lot of ranges and classes and that type of thing. It's interesting with optics. The complaints people have. It's not really a complaint. Sometimes it's a concern that's unfounded. What kind of stuff have you heard of this. These are these are. I like to call them. Make believe what ifs well. I don't like it because what if this what if that have you. Have you heard some of those weird things that people will bring up. You know i mean you know. Probably one of the biggest things that i see as far as you know somebody physically shooting a red dot. You know you'll have guys you know you have a shooter. That's been shooting iron sights for twenty years of their life so their muscle memory presentation. It's natural already at that point and unfortunately at the current moment you can't use the same presentation you can with the red dot. You have to make a slight adjustment because the dot is sitting at slightly different plane Some people you know they wanna fight the issue. I don't. I don't want to relearn how to present you again or they try to shoot the red. They're like well distinct is horrible. Because i can't find it well you still have to train in learning. And he's still had to put some time. I don't it doesn't matter how well or proficient pistol shooter. You are if you've never shot a red dot the majority of time you're not just going to take and presented him finding immediately. You've gotta learn how to adjust and readjusted presentation so now becomes more natural and you've got to practice it at the end of the day You know the other thing that we hear not from shooting standpoint but red dots you know Especially with the battery situation right..

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