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Terrence house my parents are. I don't know how good it was. I'll have to listen back to this later, but we begin with the NBA playoffs, the Golden State Warriors won't go quietly in LA. They are in front 50 to 47 roughly midway through the second quarter of the do or die game 5, but led to this by as many as 12. So the Lakers trying to finish this thing off sooner rather than later. The heat could not finish off the Knicks in New York, they fall one 12 one O three, they come home to Miami for a game 6. Just hours after the nationals offense let down Patrick Corbin and gave a season high in run support to Josiah gray in 11 6 series winning victory in San Francisco. Josiah gray matching his career, I have 7 innings pitched in his 7th straight quality starts. California native Riley Adams he had a three run Homer, 413 feet into the stands at Oracle, incidentally that was where the Nats had their highest scoring output of last season as well. The Orioles two one win over the rays credited to dean Kramer for his 6 scoreless inning start. Rob, which worked WTO sports. Okay, rob, still ahead tonight on WTO will check out CBS News at 11 o'clock federal prosecutors have charged Republican congressman George Santos of New York with fraud, money laundering, other crimes. He has pleaded not guilty. He says he will clear his record. As the Biden administration prepares to lift the pandemic era title 42 policy that restricted entry at the southern border, officials are warning those who would make the journey, they might not be allowed to stay. Stay with us. At 7 11

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