A new story from My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


You have to declare your side. With white people could be anything and you so basically you have to just put up or shut up. Yeah, which I think is kind of that is incredibly fascinating and I also think that the movement the action people are taking that is peaceful, quiet, peaceful protesting that at some point. The police are just like an now. We're GONNA. Tear gas. Yo is proving everyone's point, and it's a point that most white people never had to acknowledge talk. Talk about or think about for up until this moment in history. At least in my generation, you would hear about it. Talk about it. We would everyone's well people with tweeted us of like you. Can't. You know talking about jail? Term Reform talking about this talking about that where I. Honestly didn't understand where I'd be like, but we want serial killers to rot rotten jail. That's what we're thinking and they're just like no this overall. Right. The privatization of prisons means that the more people you imprison, the more lucrative, your fucking businesses, and so, and and because of this systemic racism throughout our country that people who are going to prison are the people who are less who have more disadvantages with money with education. And they're going to prison, and so it's it's a system that's that's put in that, is it? Racist because our country was built on the fucking backs of black people. Yup, and that's and now and it and it's been you know you can't take one piece out of it. It's like fucking Jenga. You can't take one piece out without the rest of it falling, so the people who make money on fucking private prisons are not going to be okay with you. Know with reform with with. With police reform. They're not going to be okay with affordable housing. They're not going back. Fuck and not forty years ago. They're not going to be okay with schools. Being on segregated, it's just. It's people who are making so much fucking money..

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