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Sitting at home I lived in Deerfield right near the bird off center and my first wife and I had just had our son breath breath is like a month old and does nothing but cry he is crying crying crying and the phone rings and it's my friend Ron Eskridge who was over fifty years now he's still going strong in his eighties Ron has been a fixture on the Chicago public league basketball scene and knows everybody Ron says Hey I got a couple kids with me were up here playing in a spring league can we come by the house and hang out for a while we've got a few hours before our next game maybe grab a sandwich only done fifteen minutes later knock at the door and there's my friend Ron there is a young man who had been in my basketball camp since the seventh grade Ronnie fields who's one of the best players in the country and then there's this other kid who I'm looking at I'm gone I know who that kid is I've never met him that's Kevin Garnett what is he doing in Chicago because he lived in Mauldin South Carolina in make up I get introduced the cabin and I know Ronnie incredibly well I know Ron incredibly well he's one of my best friends make up some sandwiches and they sit down on the couch in the family room and bread is crying and Kevin Garnett says to me Hey man let me hold the baby but I might now we're good don't worry about it appreciate it he's been crying a lot you don't need to deal with this **** and he goes no I'm serious I'm really good let me hold the kids Love Me so I hand my one month old son to Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett in one arm he's six foot eleven this giant is holding my son Brett and in the other arm he's got the sandwich that we had made add bread stops crying like dak who stops and he just is like looking up at the sky like who is this it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen I see I literally was stunned I couldn't believe it and we be asked about basketball we talked about the bulls because they were so good at the time and talked about Kevin and then we went outside and the four of us played basketball it was Ron and I against fields in guard that and we got destroyed as you would imagine and then a bunch of little kids in the complex where we had a townhouse there was this park bunch of little kids twelve eleven thirteen like fifteen of them around the court watching and it like why are these kids here they knew who Ronnie and who Kevin Moore how I don't know there was no internet very rare that basketball games for high school kid was on TV other than the state finals and they're yelling that he's got we're gonna go to college it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen and so I have this front row seat nam following fair get everywhere they go I get to know Ron Ronnie fields and Kevin Garnett even better and then I get a phone call it is late February of nineteen ninety five fare gets the number one team in the country and it's the producer the Oprah Winfrey show and The Oprah Winfrey Show wants to know if I'd ever seen a child that I thought that guy could be in the hall of fame that's a hall of Famer right there have you ever seen someone at a young age I said what's the show about the so we'd like you to come on the show it's about child prodigies now my brother is a very well known I surgeon my late father was a wildly successful attorney my mom a dietitian I didn't really following the academia world that they did I was what you like to call a late bloomer I wasn't the best student I was mischievous I was getting in trouble I was in the dean's office more often than not and so I know they don't want me for being a child prodigy they said no no you've been a basketball scout you've seen a lot of these players anybody from this area I said yeah there's one kid he's going to be in the hall of fame he stays healthy that kids amazing names Kevin Garnett okay we'd like you to come on the Oprah show and it was March tenth nineteen ninety five I'll play the audio from the Oprah show next listening to cabin company yes and one thousand home for sports your co signed three defensive players over the weekend this is where you're looking for value like your cost center and veterans yeah I had some experience and other experiences to be great but maybe the change of address change of venue maybe a different style of play will help those guys you cheese some of.

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