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That's all you need to know that you forget. He knows so much shit about professional wrestling. All the way down to like the colors of his gear the choices he makes in the ring all of his huge smokey mountain fan. I remember they had one of the guys from smokey mountain there and he was like talking. He knew like just enough to do that. Also secondary baby faces the wingmen. Who have the best low card gimmick. I've ever every every time they come out. It's it's a joy for me. It's a joy. I've heard they're good. Oh it's great because my favorite thing was like ryan had a thing where he talked to tony. Kahn like you're in the wingmen you know your wingman. And they went to like yeah. We're wingmen so it's all of that. But no girls. And i assume it was so they didn't have to like run. The risk of doing anything like misogynistic or whatever. It's like what if we did everything else. Yeah and you see that says are known a like now comes out and like so fucking Jd drake with his ridiculous everything. Fuck egg their t. Fact wax and ready for hot boy. Summer everything about the fact that they're led by peter avalon. Who has i believe the worst record out of all but he has the sexual sled. Which is that fucking like heart shaped bed. Vigneault naples Everything about this. Allie questions we constantly as to. Why the fuck anyone would like. Why and i have to explain to. I was like you need to understand after you've watched wrestling for so long. The novelty of seeing something. You've never seen before done. Well is so attractive to you in pro wrestling because like after. I've been a fan since like a one. So about twenty years i was like i had elapsed period but i caught up very quickly. Thanks to wikipedia and like i've seen almost every country's wrestling that has wrestling like i've like you know we have seen at all really now to. Wwe now have you. Have you seen guitars per wrestling scene. Because i hear it's pretty good them. India man fucking but yeah like like when you see something like the wingmen where you're just like this is so sincere. They are doing this with such sincerity. It is the commitment to acting like. It's that's what's so hard to get to a new person like. That's the difference between new and hard core fans because new people look at it and they're like this fucking stupid. Why are you cheering for this hardcore. People like this is amazing they have reinvented the wheel. Blessed them like something you can't yeah talks about like trying to show someone orange cassidy is. It's like no. You're gonna love this dope. Oh yeah. Halley does level wrestlers orange osceola. Squeeze.

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