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The latest movie and TV news on screencrush dot com. This is New Jersey's first news on New Jersey. One at one point five time on New Jersey's first news five oh, six chief meteorologist can meter weather. Mostly cloudy, fairly mild and dry during the day on this Friday, daytime highs once again, upper forty s to around fifty just like yesterday, but periods of steady rain will become likely tonight and a wet Saturday for you as we have rain in the forecast for the fourth weekend in a row before the morning commute. Even started Friday five nj transit trains were cancelled that makes over twenty and counting since a regular. Weekday scheduled return to start the new year on Wednesday bass traffic, we'll keep you updated all morning, Katie Brennan is suing the state this stemming from her allegation that a former campaign staffer for. Then gubernatorial candidate, Phil Murphy raped her then that staffer Al Alvarez was retained by the Murphy administration. Brennan claims emotional distress this week appeals court ruling that struck down the way New Jersey uses park exams is a graduation requirement won't mean the end of standardized. Test in the state though, it could change how they are administered. In highschool state law says the graduation requirements include passage of an eleventh grade, tested English language arts and math, Jessica Lebanon. The education Law Center has the current rules were struck down because the exit exam cover tenth grade language arts and algebra one. At any grade level can still be passed in for example, for purposes of state or federal accountability under federal law. Challenge on the decision specifically deals with the regulations that govern high school graduation testing. The department of education has not yet said it will appeal the ruling to the supreme court. It has until January thirtieth to decide at the state house. Michael Simon's, New Jersey one zero one point five news. The recent suicide of officer Pablo Santa Iago has New Jersey law enforcement circling back to a trusted resource cop to cop director, Sherry Castellano, says the peer to peer counseling hotline is about rescuing. Those who are rescuing everybody else is being human. It's normal to have a reaction to the vicarious trauma that police officers are exposed to day to.

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