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Thug and start. Insulting the KGB and say how dare. You tamper in our. Elections don't you remember when Obama. Told you to cut it. Out well I'm telling you to stop it to why is that. What. They wanted to do By, the way what good wasn't when Obama went over and told him cut it out Obama told the KGB to, cut it out and they didn't cut it out there still doing it Well of course I have Answer. A, quick question for me For those, of you in the drive-by media those of you the. Democrat party can any one site a single example when a US president directly confronted. Another country's president in public Don? Don Don Don Don Don waiting for the countdown can anybody tell me can you recall let me rephrase it has any, u s president done to a foreign leader in public. What apparently the drive bys are the Democrats wanted Trump to do to Putin Not in public it's never happened f for those of you? Are saying that Reagan said Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall Gorbachev wasn't there Gorbachev was hiding out, in his dodger. There was an assassination attempt being planned against Gorbachev Gorbachev would anywhere around, when Reagan said Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall You wanna know how ironic this is. All these people think Trump blew the substance because. He kowtowed to Putin didn't confront Putin didn't. Tell Putin wanna thug years This is a same drive..

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