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Sacramento TBB HD two Sacramento, KFB KFI Berg, the Senate has approved a resolution blocking President Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. The vote was fifty nine to forty one. That includes twelve Republicans one of them, Utah Senator Mitt Romney for me, this is a constitutional question. It's a question about the balance of power that has corridor constitution. And here is the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. We have gotten no explanation as to why this is an emergency. The measure now goes to President Trump who has said he would veto it earlier today, the house overwhelmingly voted to make the special counsels Russia report when it's ready available to the public lawmaker sending a message to attorney general William bar by passing a measure pressuring him to release Muller's report on the Russia probe once completed congressman Jerry Nadler made his case on the house floor vote for this resolution will send a clear signal to both the American people and to the department of Justice. They congress believes transparency is a fundamental Princeton. Muller is only required to give bar the report, then it's up to bar how much of it. He will share with congress, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news, Capitol Hill. Investigators in France say they won't start analyzing information from the aircraft until tomorrow, here's ABC's Alec stone recovering data off the black boxes will take some technical prowess. A photo of one of the recorders taken by French air. Investigators shows it is mangled and heavily damaged. But it does appear the protected unit inside the box which contains a recorder that unit called the crash. Survivable memory unit is intact. The Boeing seven thirty-seven max planes of the type involved in this crash last fall's lion. Air disaster remain grounded, Connecticut's highest court is permitting families of nine sandy hook school shooting victims to sue the manufacturer of the weapon used in the massacre. The families are suing Remington over how it marketed the bushmaster rifle on Wall Street. The Dow is down two points. Nasdaq down eight you're listening to ABC.

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