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That's when I realized that we were being shot with bits of flesh. The bombs killed more than one hundred and fifty people Benazir Bhutto was not among them. She was inside the fortified bus at the time of the attack and was whisked home unscathed. I rushed to her place for a quick interview. She said her supporters had died defending democracy. As we parted. It's occurred to me that her days were numbered. And she seemed to be thinking the same thing. She pursed lips instructor shoulders. I thought she's resigned to her fate. She said goodbye. Good luck. I said, but I thought. Luck won't be enough. No one ever claimed responsibility for the Karachi attack. So who did it? My search for answers began immediately. Remember, it's yet. Yes. I remember it like it was yesterday. It's hard to imagine. It's been ten years like me, zephyr has been unable to let the Benazir case rest for the last decade. He's been using his very good contacts in the state and in the Bhutto family to try to work out. What happened? The most important document. We got hold of relating to the Karachi attack is a secret report compiled by all the main security agencies. This report all one hundred twenty eight pages of it tells you everything, but who did is which you think is important. You'd think but he's right. The tension between the police who are investigating on the ground and the upper echelons of the intelligence world runs right through the Karachi files. And I sat down and went through them together. There are some interesting bits which revealing. But almost inadvertently one of the things that is quite striking is the information about the detonator. And that's really the best thing in it talk us through that was it say about the detonator used in the attack. So the report says that there is conclusive evidence that this was a suicide bombing a twin suicide bombing, and that it was not detonated remotely, and they know this because they found the striker sleeve or the detonation mechanism which the bomber uses called A M UV to strike us leave. So how does this you V two thing word it essentially works like the grenade. Yeah. So it requires someone to operate the point about that is that this wasn't a remote detonations wasn't mobile phone and five hundred yards away. This was a suicide attacker who did it himself. That's right. But why the discovery of this strike asleep? Is important is because the same mechanism was found to be used in eleven other attacks that happen in different parts of the country earlier that year. That's right. I'm just looking at a bit. Here says seventy seventy-one explosives expert produced a document just two days after the attack and I read elsewhere in the reporter that he find his destination. He went straight down there. He's obviously the key explosives here saying here Motors Randa and triggering mechanism used in eleven suicide bombings is manual and mechanical by using the striker sleeve MU v too. So that's the one you've just mentioned with the same. Lot numbers and factory code except little variation in manufacturing year run through the eleven attacks. This analysis is clear indicator and reveals that a specific group as ever people nervous of naming the group gets the Pakistan Taliban. But he reveals that a specific group is involved in at least eleven cases, including this one. And we know it's Pakistan Taliban because they were responsible for these other eleven attacks. Right. That's right. Yup. I think it's just worth spelling out for people who are not familiar with Pakistan. Why would a senior guy this a real expert, obviously, very respected. Why would he use the phrase? A specific group is involved when he knows perfectly. Well, because he's investigated the other ones that is the Pakistan Taliban, maybe he was being cautious. But I have to say having met these guys and spent a lot of time with these guys. I mean, these are some of the bravest people you'll ever meet your life. I've not met for. Lost colleagues and comrades and they are in mortal combat with the Taliban. I totally get that. Let me just explain myself. I think the police in Pakistan are extraordinarily courageous by any standard. But what they also is politically savvy what he's worried about someone in the state getting at him for being too specific about naming the Taliban. This may need some explanation. The Benazir Bhutto.

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