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Brimar stations will be completely torn down and rebuilt from the ground up the Traxxas support structures for more than a mile adjacent to the stations will be reconstructed to provide faster smoother and quieter rights near life which has all of the stations will be ADA compliant when completed in twenty twenty one democratic presidential candidate. Biden says president trump won't destroy him at a campaign event in Reno Nevada yesterday the former vice president said the president will not destroy me and in his words he's not going to stir destroyed my family either Biden leads in most opinion polls among the nineteen Democrats seeking the party's nomination the house has launched an impeachment inquiry against trump for asking the leader of Ukraine to investigate Biden and now this from our WGN radio newsdesk it cranes here's Claire bushy an Illinois lawmaker says he wants to offer gig economy workers the same legal protections as employees state representative will because already wants to follow the lead of California the state passed legislation last month to prevent employers from miss classifying workers as independent contractors to avoid paying minimum wage payroll taxes and other obligations the practice is routine at companies like uber I'm clear bushy from Crain's Chicago business on WGN radio now with WGN sports here's Dave and then good morning the bears getting set to head for London tonight chase Daniels getting set to start at quarterback for the bears in place up at least this week the injured Mitch service I mean you get more ups right you actually get some life rafts but for me they also before I do I prepare the response on the starter regardless of any circumstances and I think that's what we're able to to come in and move the ball over on offense and linebacker real quiet Smith there's been no I'm I'm good I was personal it's behind me so more so just looking forward to getting better today out of practice and goal might work my guys are keen Hicks Taylor Gabriel among those missing practice the Blackhawks practice about three hours from now in Prague where they start the season tomorrow against Philadelphia still uncertain the status in New defenseman Calvin de Haan still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery bulls center Wendell Carter junior wasn't out long second year man back at practice yesterday one day after suffering a sprained ankle the Tampa Bay rays are moving on the when the American. the wild card game and a lopsided five to one over Oakland hitting four home runs in that game to beat the ETS Tampa Bay will play at Houston tomorrow today the two National League series.

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