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Broncos country tonight Brian Ebbers goods were all right thank you to Mike Klis or nine news brought causes are for joining us in the previous segment we'll get that interview up actually it's already up the Broncos country tonight dot com good job in the rod three seven one three eighty five eighty five phone number five six six nine zero is the tax line so there was some good quotes stay with the media but the one that stood out the one that's getting a tunnel wonders von Miller talking about gridlock will tip the cap to Anthony rod and he was having fun Vaughn has in the past said some pretty I don't know a fuser prays moments about his quarterback I mean either your member even in our after brain Allen's performance he said something about quarter no it wasn't have known it was does difference not no you said it was like a Drake is like little little John found Drake cat went well swim Drake found the Wayne boulder lane found Drake systems and I don't I don't you're not up on your right now I'm not up on any of itself she felt like with little Wayne foundry that's all you know that so that was a wows we really like brown any said things about traversing meaning case Keenum and so on and so forth but he said something about drew like today dad picked a lot of people's interest as I want you to hear this and and will react to it I actually kind of felt like you'd given the script like this was something that you gave him to say I mean I know I didn't not not give him the here's one bill Roger lack I just want to be here when you get famous his gun kill it is go kill it he's got he's got everything you need to know that he would he ran out and did like a little blue league any kind of do it is incomplete pass but you know I seen a lot of good ones play and that was probably the best incomplete pass that I've seen bro and doing as a little flip up he's just a he's a star in the making noise with Tony Romo and in their odds and all these guys in ages blow up when I see the same the same stuff for drew all the us to do is just keep doing what he's doing you know good karma in this the type of guy uses ogle come back to wow it sounds previously like so moving someone else's said I mean just just almost verbatim it's almost like someone slipped him a script to read from yeah well beat I can appreciate you gave us a specific example of a roll out that was an incomplete pass I don't know that was kind of fun I met nobody followed up on that what was so special about the how what what was so great about you described to rue in all of his glory because I remember watching Paxton Lynch do rollouts and throw the ball really released to super hard that's one way to put it in a day he rolled out and threw the ball hard that is that is one way to put it I mean that's probably the most correct way to put it throw the ball accurately is not something but this is a thing like like are you know maybe we get a little bit too far ahead of ourselves but some of the things he's describing is far as well on what he is he's telling you what ailment shoals telling you with Ellis is divine doesn't have to be if you serve in its praise he is certainly to do that for Paxton no he did not and that that's a good you brought that up because people were like always said that thing about brand Alaniz of this thing about just being nice to brand now but he took a right as play you don't know how much he liked Brandon Allen like printed out they they do braille the nice guy guys gravitate to he's got that leader you know that leader charm that leader swag charisma whatever you wanna call it he's got that right he's got that IT factor but what he doesn't have is the ability the true lock as and you know we've we've seen over the last couple weeks were people been telling you the Broncos are sour on drew lock in you know all this just absolute nonsense well the truth is about to come out we're a couple weeks away and von Miller is hinting at you guys Hey the truth of the gospel according to von is coming the truth is common well the Talib part of it is something that we saw in I mean we saw this time in history we saw even in pre draft process is not like we didn't think the true law could be very good but the thing about it is being a a as I thought Vic Fangio summed it up perfectly he's a he's a hard thrower right he's a guy that is is a not quite a picture yet is I'm from try to remember the exact reference to baseball he made there but basically zillion a quarterback yet it's one thing to be able to children practice and and make requisite throws where you say wow this some talent there but to do it out in the field so what I I guess I'm fine with this one you be excited about her lack of the other guys in the that's way more than they ever gave passion which I mean they never said that about Paxton lodge but ultimately stone he needs the on field Porter like before I think anybody can get that excited about it it's still in the in his practice we've seen practice heroes before training camp if you have a so I'm not kill box here to be training camp zero again for her to do that for the killing von for this because as you put it he didn't say he has not said that about every quarterback to sever their blights I'll say as excited as you are he is still gonna show up on the field Brandon Allah has that experience true like does not right now bonds also echoing something to tell you guys you can tell them you know it it in a limited number throws you can tell the guys got that IT factor you know not that that there's that whole dynasty meets destiny guy he is needs to meet the guy he can become you know kind of thing going on there but you can tell like he he has an end and I think you can only have we said Tony Romo is I think that's who drew lock kind of ease in the end I was a cop the came out pre draft right in in he is he's a better athlete than you think he is he's faster than you think he is and he's got a big arm and he's able to improvise and make plays office and I honestly that's probably his strength right now he is playing outside of structure drew lock is more of a thrower then a quarterback at this point we rise to learn to play over the financial side he needs to learn to play an item you know you know me I'm a big block fan but I'm a I'm a give it to you straight he needs to learn to play with instructure he's got to learn it is with the big problem the Mike Shanahan head with Jake Plummer Jake Plummer played so well outside a structure within size truck she had some problems right and it was a big problem you Jake would change plays up on Mike Mike them like a day but heads will bit you know to lock and load he's out there trying to change plays on all these essays are and it's a personality that Jake Plummer was he is high wattage you can tell me as you can tell that their star power there you could tell that you got a guy with a lot of talent and a lot of ability you just need to put it all together and I think the only way you put it together is get a couple weeks of practice putting out on the field and and see if he could do it it was that sound bite from Vic Fangio this summer I don't think he's far as long being a NFL ready NFL quarterback as he could have been okay so that's what I mean when he's got to get ready he's he's not a quarterback yet you know these hard throwing pitcher that they're not a pitcher it also faster he gets that the better off you'll be and will be non that's got texture really great it's a great analogy and I'm glad we got had that found the sum by thinking if Europe we come back I should play another sound bite from big danger talking about your like today's one of his best that he's had move really long time I don't own on it's very tail end of this press conference but was asked about how walk is looked and they kind of took a moment in like a little bit of a retrospective and said Hey look with your lock he did this benefited him having a chance to see that it back really benefited him so we're gonna play with Vic Fangio said when we come back Broncos country tonight okay away.

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