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Will win a ticket to the fundraising dinner on September twenty seven maybe you can even sit with me. It'll be a great event. This is just really really innovative ideas. This Dr Smith is just going to be so interesting to listen to twyla be there. Bob Davis is the MC and remember, oh after you, Email info at C, C H freedom dot org. Del? Respond back to you and tell you if you one or if you didn't win, and if you one or didn't win, then they'll give you all the if he did win the give you all the details about you know, on the twenty seventh when and where it is. And all that kind of stuff. All right. Matt you spent so much time over at the legislature when they're in session, but you're actually over there when they're not in session to. Yeah. They they don't really stop working throughout the year. They should I want them to do bad stuff or line stuff up that turns into bad stuff once they get into into the legislative session. What do you want to start with do you want to start with the Minnesota health records act? Yeah. That that sounds great. That's that's been our biggest issue this year. Why what's the big deal? It's all about you. As a patient controlling your data compared to the other side wants the industry to control who gets access. Here information. So this is all about privacy, which which also influences control and how you are treated as a patient. If you can't control who sees your information. You you even can lose out on the opportunity to have an unbiased second opinion. If just your information is floating out there to every provider to to every entity. That's connected to where you I received care. Okay. Wait a minute. I have hit by I thought I have total control. Now. I know better Matt tell our listeners. Yeah. And I I love to share quotes. Now, I've got to plug toilets book here really love twyla book. Oh my gosh. Yes. Yes. So in her new book big brother in the exam room, which by the way, we are just about to get the second printing. Godsend it's been that successful. It's been on.

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