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We have one more show to discuss. reissue remastered <hes> on the series of ti-time with Terry episodes that were unsettling bruce in this is Bella Pori. Bella has been on the show multiple times she is absolutely wonderful. One of my favorite people and she was very eager to join tearing. I discuss thus her songs. What was amazing about? Bella is that even though she's only been alive <hes> enough to pick three songs she ended up picking six because she came up with a not only three pop songs but she wanted to do three Broadway tunes and <hes> thought what the heck it's our game so we'll make the rules up as we go. The other interesting thing about this episode is that this is a repeat <hes> Bella tearing I all recorded we talked for over an hour and then after the end of it I realized nothing taped <hes> that doesn't happen a lot aww but it does happen once or twice a year on me and so we had to reschedule and re <hes> record and of course nothing is the same <hes> because every conversation station takes its own twists and turns so this is <hes> the re recording it still came out wonderful <hes> of course it would with Belen Terry but it is kind of interesting that some of the stories she's telling us we we'd already heard and we were like Oh. That's interesting so anyway. Here is Bella and Terry and I discussing her tee time with Terry. This.

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