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I think is not tenable. It again ask you. You can't say everyone's allowed to fuck here except for you. Yes that is a rich owner of a company that has access to every other person on the planet. Sorry they can't have the five women who work under him. Yes it's totally fine. I mean it is and the difference between level four and level three relationship and the boss of a company is that person makes big decisions about the employee's livelihood. There is no way to untie that well but then we got to get more specific. I think it should be illegal for a boss which it already is to change the career path of someone. They've slept with that's illegal. That's what wrongful termination suits her about regularly one. You can't do that so that problem is already addressed. You can't fuck someone and because you broke up. Fuck their career. We'll be it's so nuanced abbass can say well. I just didn't give them a raise because they weren't performing. I would say it's pretty easy you chart. They're twelve years at the company. And you see how regularly they got promoted regular. They got raises. They fucked the boss and all that stopped. They prove it all the time in core but they also don't. It's hard to prove stuff like that because there are so many factors that play as an employee. It's very easy to say it's this that or the other but most people that's the only human beings they see. They're at work eighty hours a week as a lawyer. They don't they don't seem until they know they work with. Think about all the people you know in your life. How many of them are no but anyone. My mom and my dad didn't meet at work. My amy and ryan didn't meet at work like known it's not unfathomable only you have and lots of people's whole life is work. Yeah well that's maybe something to change. If you're like literally. The only pool is this pool of employees. I have because i worked on stop. Then you say. I'm working less or i'm not gonna have relationships. The answer is not to then have a relationship with someone We're this mean. Blue bird love you. I love you..

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