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Call when you do call don't be too stone place how much to throw this will be a little demonstration of those mice call yesterday our mayor said that she is very serious about the city growing its own recreational marijuana to give minorities a chance to learn the business and sharing the wealth the governor also praises idea so Lorelai fund set up to fifteen million dollars which will be used as seed money for the plan to open up a cooperative cultivation center that residence caller could buy into either with a modest cash investment or was sweat equity Lightfoot said the idea is aimed at overcoming the biggest impediment to minority ownership access to capital because it costs tall cake what I understand is that the basics to be a cultivator requires about a thirteen to fifteen million dollars and investment they're not a lot of people that have that have that particular in a market that a lot of banks and other traditional financial wonders won't touch so now I know that the city is in a lot of different businesses I get that but can it can somebody else tell me a similar sort of a similar sort of endeavor that the the baby had the the the city has invested in previously we're gonna actually own as a city of pot farm I think the only way to really crack this not as.

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