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In bitcoin. And other crypto ker so he decided to keep his money at us. Private vaults now. Here's the thing abnormal behavior in and of itself should not be illegal and they're basically saying fine abnormal behavior. I know exactly right and this is the thing. It's like just because something is abnormal. Doesn't necessarily mean it's illegal and yet they're treating everything that is abnormal as if it is illegal right and you end up end up in snaring more people from the they're simply acting differently than you would expect. Then you do actual criminals if people put their money into. I don't know baseball card collections. Right that are super rare valuable right and then and then later on in life they they go by need some money. I'd like to exchange this for some cash. And they go ahead and they do that. Have they committed any crime. Nope is it any business of the government. Not any of the humorous thing is that is actually one of the tactics that superwealthy actually use. Not me. I don't know about baseball specifically but certainly like are works of art but valuables can be. I mean anything really. It's just determined by who thinks it's valuable. Absolutely there are people who their their savings account his ammunition. There are people who savings account is you know beanie babies right or you know other assorted stuffed animals are children's toys that have you know increased. Beanie babies are probably worthless these days but once upon a time they were the tulips of children's toys. Anyway ruis obtained the money into legal settlements. Won for a spinal injury in a car accident and another for chronic housing code violations in his apartment building. So that's where the cash came from. Was you know. He got a settlement couple of settlements and he was like well. What am i gonna do with my cash. I'm gonna put in this private safe deposit box been what happened. The government story. I remember to freetalklive is next..

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