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California Pacific gas and electric gives the all clear for thousands of customers who have their power cut by the utility it was a move to ward off wild fires with the winds dying down and helicopters and ground crews in the field the hope is to get nearly fifty thousand P. Jeannie customers who lost power back online by day's end changing weather conditions allow the utility to drastically scale back the blackout which in itself was crazy making for those trying to stock up on ice or find a sitter if schools were going to close P. Jeannie company CEO Andy VC this is terribly frustrating Billy disturbing if you're on the receiving end of this we get that what were motivated by telling you what we know when we know it rain is in the forecast for next week which hopefully ushers in the end of wildfire season Holly Quan for CBS news San Francisco how long your commute will be tomorrow's weather today was impossible there's a place with you here in the first world easy Boston's news radio traffic is next if you're looking for a more personal approach to banking listen to what the Sloane family at century bank have to say this is Dan rate I'm here with two great friends Barry Sloane and Linda Sloan K. the family behind century bag now I know what to expect when I walked through the doors at century but what would you folks tell prospective customers they can expect service.

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