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Down South Park Bullet, Lord? It was looking good from Taylor Hood, great big feelings and painted steel. Man. It looks just like a bad move you with my old man behind the wheel there, you could hardly even see him in all of that chrome. The man with the plan and the pocket comb. Whatever United carried him a minutes until four o'clock, Great hunger 4 to 6 and then Randy Rhoads, six days. So I was confused a little bit when I pulled out this insert in the Senate, a new Mexican today about this water prayer sculpture, a blessing for our future water prayer in the 70 Plaza. The artist paid for the insert I soon It's a large sculpture. Conception is anyway, something called water prayer. Something to go on the plaza I want to replace or gotta e. Don't be in between the where the obelisk, Woz and Bandstand something like that's kind of cool piece, though. That means like city commission this what's going on? Turns out now, just the artist artists is Doug Collins Duck coffin coffin. In the piece called Water Prayer Down the road. I don't know, I guess. Eventually maybe the city will commission after our excuse or our peace. You are, If I.

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