President Trump, Donald Trump, John Ratcliffe discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Are we'll bounce back ten times stronger little knickknack little knickknack. I love you guys. Thank you so much for your support. David that driver who was originally pulled over for violating the state's hands free law now faces ten charges included aggravated assault on a police officer an aggravated battery David just unbelievable pictures Marcus. Thank you a major about face tonight involving president trump and his choice to become the next director of national intelligence he had picked Texas Republican Congressman John Rackliff Dame just five days ago after his forceful defense of the president at the hearing with Robert Muller so what happened. Here's A._B._C.'s Kiro Phillips the White House Congressman. John Ratcliffe didn't even make it a week as president trump's choice for director of National Intelligence before the president pulled the plug they asked him. I said you want to go through this for two or three months or would you want me to maybe do something else and he thought about it. I said it's GONNA be rough. Ratcliffe nomination embattled from the start. The president picked him just four days after the congressman lashed into Robert Mueller. Donald Trump is not above the law. He's not but he damn sure shouldn't be below. The law Democrats called ratcliff partisan and unqualified president is more interested in getting a loyalist than someone who will speak truth to power Republicans grew concern as Ratcliffe's resume came under scrutiny A._B._C. News reporting the congressman falsely claimed to have prosecuted and convicted people funneling money to terrorists Republicans did express concern about reckless experience was. Is that a deciding factor no what I think you would have had very good support. I think he would have done fine but it would have been a long. It would have been a long hard slog president trump trauma withdrawn at least thirty eight nominees requiring Senate confirmation including his picks for Defense Secretary Labor Secretary V._A.. Secretary and U._N.. Ambassador today he defended the vetting process. The vetting process for the White House is very good but you're part of the vetting process you know I they give out the name to the press and they vet for me. We save a lot of money that way care Phillips with us live at the White House tonight incur- president trump telling you that he has a new shortlist for director of National Intelligence Diligence and he said there <hes> right there you hinted at this time the vetting process he believes will easier. That's right David. The president acknowledged to me that when it comes to national intelligence ratcliffe cliff quote wasn't in that world that much the president also telling me that he's now considering three very well known people for the job and that the vetting process says won't be an issue because they're already within the Intel Community David Kira. Thank you meantime on the hill tonight..

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