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Alabama. What do we think in and a week a week or so, Mike and 19.5? I mean, Alabama just land such a huge number. That game against Florida was pretty exciting, but I never felt like Florida was going to come all the way back. I just think Alabama's so good right now. Baby made me take her to see the Titanic. Okay? And I told her I know what's gonna happen. There are going to drown and some are going to get away on lifeboats that and there's not enough of them. This is the same way I feel about this just ruined national championship, Ohio State Devil Sweeney taking a shot at him and point me and him think a lot of like Ohio State playing limited mounted games, And yet they get to go when other teams played nine or 10 Cincinnati, for instance, This is the year they could have expanded the playoffs. Eight. If the NFL could do it if major league baseball could do it, these these people can't do it. And the big 10 gets rewarded because they were afraid to compete in a September September Yeah, they were afraid to compete. So here's what I'm gonna say. Look, I liked Ohio State Growing up, love them all. I mean, I can name him off from Bryant passed Nagel, The Woody Age directs. Turn to the latest group of guys to Terrelle Pryor. I hope they get their butts kicked. I hope they embarrass him. That's what I'm hoping. I'm hoping Alabama and clumps in our back in it. Nobody watches this. They will because of Trevor Laurence, but it's going to be so mundane again. Every single year. It seems like it's the same deal and I'm tired of hearing. The SEC is such a tough conference. There's nobody that compete Alabama and thereby them five. If they played in the big 10. They'd be in the bottom five in the big tent. Oh, yeah, I think that maybe the top is a little bit stronger. But you're right about some of the bottom teams in their luster. Compete Mississippi or Mississippi State. Are you serious? Yeah, well, and they'll get a shot of beating the S E. C. When they take on Auburn in their bowl game. How about this? And you just want your one of the best in the world of what you do it. You know why Because you brought that up and every year what happens? Usually whenever he says, the SEC is the toughest then you look at the bowl records. All there were three and five this year or they were two and five. This year. It's time to put up or shut up. Northwestern's a small favor in that game in about minutes, and I'm with Mike, I'm cheering for an Alabama Clemson. I think that's gonna be it and that's the one I want. I'm sure for an Alabama clumps of Notre Dame could win. Of course it would be great. But at some point I mean, you know, I can't believe the way they look. It showed the greatness of indie or of Trevor boards and and the defense of prowess of Clemson. White doubted about a month ago, saying, You know, it's not the players on offense that make that team. Time. It's the players on defense. Yeah, all right. When we come back, Jim Miller is good. He's got ponies. Mikey and I will give you our best place for the weekend. As we get set for the long Christmas weekend. Everybody hope you're having a great Christmas Eve. And Mike and I'll be right back on the odds. Couple.

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