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Look like a monster. The beets. Yeah. That's reenacting. Something I've seen on the Sports Illustrated cover. Better than that better than. Bagel somerville. Jamie Lebel, we'll be From socialism in Seattle to homeless encampments in Olympia. I think we need to partner together to help our community become more self sufficient plastic bag bans into coma to toll lanes in Bothell and Lynnwood remember virtue, signaling they're trying to get you to change their behavior. So you can live more like them. But you don't really get a say in it. And it's maddening we are the station and not afraid to call itself conservative would logo voices to confront for our region. These issues that starting Seattle they bubble up to your region to every to Olympia till Mukilteo, and we're taking a stand right here in the city of Seattle. So you don't have to we have your back. We are your voice as they're going after all these relevant issues be completely ignore. What is actually making our lives here more than they were before? But that's progressive thinking for we are a m seven seventy t h. Talk radio. Okay. Man. This is your time. Maybe you choose this. You're here. Now, you're going to go out there and be an all star caregiver. It's up to you. So what are you gonna do? You're gonna go grocery shopping cook clean be there. Emotionally, and physically you gotta dig deeper driving, the physical therapy, doctors appointments. Don't you forget about the pharmacy?.

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