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For conservatives conservative, sensibility by George Wilson. Published. And we're talking about that. I've already learned stuff fit this nothing fixed line is just is critical. So let me ask you a question of, of because I know you're secular, and I'm, I'm religious, and I tell my listeners all the time, we have we secular conservatives have a lot to say. But I think there's something missing in just being true to the ideals of the country. I, I have I define American values by what I call the American trinity say it's on every coin which it is. And it is e pluribus Unum liberty. And in God we trust. So what do you do what you George will as a secular, conservative do within God. We trust. Say that I feel Bill Buckley said it perfectly. So the conservative may not be religious, but he must not despise religion, and that certainly my case on the grandson of Lutheran minister, married to fierce Presbyterian. So what fears Presbyterian that's almost an oxymoron. She's one of believe me, I know there's a division in their ranks on the ferocity side. But as as my. My youngest son is is with her as a Presbyterian. My view is that America is enormously rich by the Judeo Christian tradition that religious motivations are extraordinarily helpful and building our country. And then maintaining it I just don't happen to share them. But. The more the merrier. That's see. That's what I tell people atheists agnostics. You don't have to be I believe that you don't have to be religious. You have to understand the importance. Exactly. Why is that so difficult if I'm not Christian? And yet, I, I am the biggest fighter for the maintenance of the Christian norms in this country like saying merry Christmas. You don't have to be something to know its value. Just watch for coming to court on the existence of the peace cross in Bladensburg, Maryland. In the next few weeks supreme court is going to say I think I'm pretty confident they're going to get this, right. They're going to say. But all you cranky secularists strip all the signs of day. Oh Christian heritage from the public square get over it. They were here first. They're here. They're not trying to bully anybody. They're not proselytizing. They are part of our, our heritage and they're going to stay. Bravo or like the ten commandments at the supreme court. Exactly. Exactly supreme court which begins at session. God, save is honorable court. What's the matter with this? That's what I don't understand. Why secularist can't say that? The fact that you are secular or atheist is you relevant to the point. Exactly. Yeah. See, that's why these things are so are so significant. So what do you do? So let's get to the to the now that I've made it clear over and over how much value work. So let me so let me ask you, first of all, do you are you in a cognitive dissonance with a person like me? You, you know, I think you respect me, certainly mutual, if that's the case. And yet, I believe that he saved this country by winning. I was totally opposed to him in the primaries, then but then when you want, I had a choice, my choice was a Republican, or a democrat. The democrat would have furthered the left wing agenda, which I believe is antipathetic to the founders. Why wouldn't I? Support the only alternative to that damage. Perfectly reasonable judgment the country with given in my judgment, unfortunate choice. Twenty sixteen. It made it Joyce, we move on. See, I don't think the dignity or the survival of America depends on this election where two great to stable, too good. To be put in mortal danger by this that election. And I think when Americans calm down, I think they're going to they're going to become exhausted by political partisanship. They're gonna look around and say. Pretty much the way we always did. And we're going to be fine. Right. But if you keep electing the people who use show, eloquently note, want to keep interfering in our lives at some point, we will feel the Davidge of an election. There's no question. I'm not saying elections don't have consequences. And some of them can be can be bad. I'm just saying, don't underestimate the strength of the country. There is the. We, we tend to be because we're Americans and we shimmering elegant beginning. We tend to be susceptible to social hypochondria. Well, we're healthier than we think. That's probably the one area. That's probably the difference that we have. I think we're not healthy than we think, because I, I look, if forty percent of not only believe in socialism, and I know you're, you're right. They've redefined it in their minds and so on. That's fine. But also a forty to fifty percent do not believe in free speech. I understand that. I'm I come from academe. Yeah, I come from an academic family. I was a professor myself. I'm talks at many universities. I've been disinvited from a university. So it was worth doing because I became the first speaker at, but his now the annual disembarkation. The William Buckley on New York City, I go to that data then getaway university, Dennis I do down six seven and seven blocks in a few minutes. It's perfect timing. It's perfect timing. Congratulations on the book and I look forward to talking again. All right. Okay. That's a deal. Thank you so much. George, will the conservative sensibility. So, right. Didn't hide difference. But.

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