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Kerber on the call here on cammo ex big saves a rhino rally goal, but Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist just too tough. Both teams are change pass up from Allen to portray Angelo shoots sit in. Let me go through Barbara chef. Son quest put it to the goal and Lundquist they'll make the save on Sundquist still. It's a one one game in the second period until it's not. From ABC to the neutral zone and rink wide pass to Kevin shattenkirk in pockets dumped in the collected along the wall. It's cleared up to the line and Rangers at a lot of guys on the ice the shooting a scar. They deflect it in front, then it goes off a skate and underneath the Pat Alan on the fire side, New York leads to to one and that is the extent of the scoring last night. The blues cannot come back to win. Well last night the Saint Louis blues loss to the New York Rangers by a score of two to one. They did end up. Putting a ton of pressure on finishing with thirty eight shots on goal and entering Lundquist. The games number one star had thirty seven saves. But the only goal of the game came in the first period Ryan O'Reilly for David Perron at ten eight. And that would be the only scoring blues. Gallon was good. But not quite good enough as he was out dueled by Lundquist Saint Louis blues penalty killing allowed a goal in the power play went powerless at over four. Enjoy the tally a better all around game for the sT Louis Blues, but more is going. To be needed as the Washington Capitals. Come to town on Thursday big tests here in a few nights. But last night the Saint Louis blues came and brought a lot of great effort five on five. I thought it was a solid effort all round from the entire lineup. Jake Allen played pretty good. But he was out battle like you mentioned by Henrik Lundqvist the blues allow the range of tie the game one to one heading into the second love the blues response. But they let up a soft goal in that second period. And really couldn't fight back the effort was there. The shots were there. The bodies were there. It was good energy. Good passion, all knife. The Saint Louis blues there certainly ways to win. And there are certainly ways to lose. And this is how you lose games. The blues continue to play this. Well and continue to play at this pace. They're not gonna lose many more games this season. But without question. The special teams have to improve improve the blues. Want to move forward in the season. Specialty teams got the Saint Louis blues last night. They fall to the Rangers to one that's joy battalion. I'm Chris Kerber on the scene was Blue's radio network to college football, not the best ending for the Missouri. Tigers in the liberty bowl yesterday. Kmox. Chris Rabi reports. Missouri. Tigers close out the twenty eighteen year and turn the page to twenty nineteen falling thirty eight to thirty three to Oklahoma state in the liberty bowl drew lacks final game as Missouri. Tiger senior quarterback twenty three of thirty eight through the air for three hundred seventy three yards three touchdowns and no interceptions. And after a furious comeback. The Tigers fall short they faced a fourth in one late in the game with about a minute left. Drew lock trying to keep it on a read option around the right, and he was stopped though. Oklahoma state was able though to run out the clock. Larry Roundtree the third two hundred four yards including a fifty five yard touchdown. The Tigers at a couple of chances to take the lead in the fourth quarter. They trailed thirty five thirty three with nine minutes and twenty two seconds left. When a Tucker McCain forty two yard field goal. Tempt was blocked. Oklahoma state then marched down the field and kick the field goal to go up five points. They would win thirty eight thirty three Tigers closed there. You're in a Memphis at the liberty ball. I'm Christine became exports. Other college football from New Year's Eve northwestern over Utah thirty one twenty in the holiday bowl, Texas, A&_M blows out NC state fifty two thirteen in the gator bowl. Cincinnati edges out Virginia Tech in the military bowl. Thirty five thirty one fourteen to thirteen Stanford edges Pittsburgh in the sun. Bowl and Oregon seven six winners over Michigan state in the red box bowl five games on the docket for today on New Year's day at includes Ohio State and Washington in the Rose Bowl tonight on kmox. Make sure you tune in for our year in review panel discussion that airs from six to eight PM with reports of fifteen and forty five past the hour. I'm Brian Feldman on your home for Saint Louis cardinals baseball came on wax..

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