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Jerry. It's good to have you back and morning. Our you well good morning. How i'm doing well new oil. Mets one yankees win. I want some money last digit. I did and the whole d. a. and maggie thing was i don't think you characterized it bright. I was discussed Because i was disgusted. that's fine. I was fooled. And i didn't care for it so that you fold with the sports minute did a fake sports in it. Yeah you thought it was a real sports minute. You were annoyed that you fell for it. Was i heard some more in there. Quite frankly we go back and play it and listen to link. But i'm telling you right now. I was when i was listening to it yesterday. I turn it on. And i hear i'm connor green with an artist on mike. What yeah and then he goes. Da you know. Mike wait timeout. A second and then he's running through this whole mike one of my listening to lose a da sports minute. So i was kind of. I was annoyed. So connor green did a sports. Minute on damon amend the laura being a cat person was yes correct but it was a fake. Sports was turned out. Yeah okay so. I was not happy. The thing that made me laugh was you said. I caught some of maggie and da. And al goes all. Did you like it and you went. I caught it and it was fine because it annoyed me like there's nothing else to say. I was annoyed. Okay no i understand. I do understand what is it a once you found out. It was a fake sports minute. Did you appreciate the bid at all or not I suppose the problem free was. I wasn't listening prior to it. Yes you was going on so yeah. It's kind of one of those things when you're doing something someone checks out the station at that very moment. Your heads like Like what is this. You don't like a prank right. You're not a prank gutten. You don't like being the subject of a prank. I have been the subject of a prank. And i'm not a prank person so probably not i remember was i don't know maybe a year ago or so. I can't remember exactly what it was. I had something to do with the cornhole league. And i was going to do something i went to al with an idea of making a fake email and trying to join the corn league being like a real pain in the ass. Moore's and i can you think we could mess with jerry with this. And he's like don't do it. Jerry hates pranks i in that case you could have because i would have dismissed the email very quickly you would have as soon as you become a giant pain in the as we move on. I'll tell you the one prank. That really annoyed me. And it's not because of the prank. It's because of the lying okay. So when tommy. Who is now craig and evans predominantly our yes he was my tape op at the time..

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