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You're listening to bullock radio with dave asprey. Today is going to be a show that talks about the human side of grief and loss and love and community encourage. And these are things that you might often say. Well wait. what does that have to do with. Biohacking are human performance and these have to do with the parts of being that we all go through in our lives and their presser. We don't talk about because they're uncomfortable and we're wired in our cells to avoid things that are uncomfortable however if you do think about them it gives you an enormous opportunity for growth enormous opportunity to be a better human being to be of better service to others and when inspired my interview today was an interview that maria shriver did with amend excludes amanda goes the talk a really popular. Cbs daytime talkshow. She's a former broadway dancer. Radio city rockette in creator of the global fitness brand aka fitness. She met her husband. Nick cordeiro who's a tony award nominated broadway star and musician. When she was performing in bullets over broadway in her memoir live your life. Amanda writes about their life together and their families experience with kobe in the early days of the pandemic marine decided to interview. amanda clues. About what happened. When she lost her husband. Nick cordeiro to cove. It and amanda wrote a book about this to tell her story and she built a huge movement around building community to support her as she was going through what she went through so i thought. Let's talk with amanda today. And let's see what she has to teach us about the stories. She tells in her book and also just to learn what what really happened here. So amanda thank you for taking the time to be with us on the show today. Thank you so much for having me day. That's nice to be here. Some people listening might not know what happened with nick. But nick got kovic. But you didn't know it and so let's go through a little bit of that just to catch everyone up when you balance your blood sugar. Your overall health improves on just about every metric. You.

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