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Dot com. Andrew freidan says it's too soon to let your guard down. But here in central Virginia. It looks like Florence will give a glancing blow at best with two to four inches of rain possible. Thirty mile an hour wind gusts Andrew says, it looks absolutely brutal. However, along the south east coast ABC's GIO Benitez is in the Outer Banks emergency responders will shut the two bridges to outbound traffic early this evening. They want people to get out before this storm start fitting because if that water gets onto the bridges you're talking about a very dangerous situation. There those bridges are closing off. At around seven pm, anybody can get out. It's not like people are going to be trapped on this island. They can leave at any time. But at seven pm, nobody can come back in Virginia has opened to state managed shelters today from Virginians under mandatory evacuation orders and evacuees from other states who have nowhere else to shelter. They are at Christopher Newport university in Newport News, and William and Mary in Williamsburg, Shannon. Daniel at the Virginia department of emergency management says they're seeing additional traffic on the evacuation routes. We have a lot of evacuation curry and we're watching the roadways, Vida. We're working closely with our Virginia department of transportation and our Virginia state police officers to make sure everyone's getting out of there safely and quickly as possible. Daniel says parts of the state are still not out of the woods despite the southerly turn of the storm. The US coastguard getting..

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