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He, he was like, if you see like crap on the ground, don't eat it like that was like his advice for not getting e Bala, but the truth is it actually is very hard to get in America because of our healthcare system. And if we do, you know, they'll be able to treat it. But I do remember the whole scare where at airports they were, you know, quarantining people and people were legitimately scared because they saw the amount of deaths in Africa and they thought this would be a similar problem in the US. And then there were less alarmist groups out there like the, I'm trying to think of the name of the actual group. I think they're like a lobbyist group that family member mind used to be a part of the national council of it's a science group. Anyway, there were like less alarmist groups out there. They're saying, don't be so worried about a bowl. A lot of this is media hype and they turn out to be right. Yeah. I mean, that's the kind of the tragedy of it is that it is treatable and you know, these people don't have to suffer like this, but because they're in these impoverished areas were torn areas. It provides an opportunity for, you know, some of these healthcare crises to break out. The article is definitely not meant to scare the American public in the readers that there's going to be some insane Abol outbreak. But you know, and like you said, it is relatively hard to catch him. It's not like the flu where you can just sneeze and it's airborne. I mean a bull. I believe if I'm correct it adds to transmit through body fluid and direct touch. But I mean, I'm not really scared to get the flu even kills a lot more people year. I'd be really scared about a bowl, so you have that kind of fear and that kind of visceral reaction to it, did it you guys actually get the flu shot on on that note now the like every if you get the flu shot and I, I never do. I've never gotten it since I talked to a friend of mine about he said, it's the flu shot is basically like the role in the dice because there's no flu. The flu is like thousands and thousands of different strains, and they don't know which strain is going to break out and whatever part of the country you live in. So there's like some statistics or going on in the background with trying to predict which strain of the flu is going to be in your area and give you the flu shot to inoculate you for that strain. But nobody really knows. I mean, it's like predicting the weather. So since it's just like, you know, rolling the dice. I never really bothered getting it. And also all of us are I know where both in our. Thirties, I don't know if you're in your thirties, Joe twenty twenty. Okay. So late twenties, early thirties, relatively thirty. Relatively healthy guys. I think it's it's more of a concern if you are like an elderly person could become deadly for us it, it were not gotta gory. Right? And they recommend healthcare. My wife's studying doctor, so they, they recommend, you know, medical workers get the flu shot out so much for them, but you know, the protect their patients from spreading it. I think state by state, they have laws on, you know, if you are mandated to get the flu shot, if you're if it's mandatory to get certain vaccines, and I do understand that you're working around elderly people, you're working around people who are more susceptible to these types of diseases. And I know people like to act like it's a freedom issue, but it's the same thing also with like vaccines, you have to get at birth. If you know a certain large portion of the population aren't getting these vaccines than you might as well not have them at all, and then we're going to bring back these diseases from like the middle ages. Yeah. And you see these kids who are coming down with like measles mumps rubella. Whooping cough and cheeses Christ really all because like Alex Jones, you know that that vaccines are evil. I saw some news article and I mean, I don't know the veracity of it. But there were saying that there's there's like rich neighborhood somewhere in Los Angeles..

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