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For help from inside as harvey kept pouring rain on houston after a chaotic weekend of rising water and rescues tyler martin thick seventy kboi bogus basin is celebrating its seventy fifth anniversary this year eve chandler is a local author and historian she tells kboi two tv how bogus space and got it start land sun valley alphand a lot of people went over to see the new sparta scheme and a group of men from the boise j sees decided opening ski resort near the city of boise in the treasure valley the great wayne to boost our economy today bogus space continues to grow and is now looking to the future as it attempts to be a year round attraction with new summer friendly activities and a burly man is cooling his heels in jail after cooling off in the snake river he was running from police after realizing he had just been busted for allegedly so soliciting sex for what he thought was a 14yearold girl the times says manuel ramirez thought he had arranged to meet a 14yearold girl for sex and some pot smoking he showed up and realised he'd actually been communicating with undercover police he tried to run he jumped into the river but he was caught ramirez is due in minute oca county magistrate court tomorrow taking a look at the numbers on wall street dow futures down 94 infrared worthington i'm jay howell kboi news time 606 damaging greg now traffic and weather together on the traffic signed ronald brian brought use money by mass mutual idaho amassed mutual general agency can help you prepare for what's ahead into feel confident in your businesses financial future and your own they understand who's counting on you to learn more go to idaho mass mutual.

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