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Both traditional tobacco products and newer vaping devices. I'm Shelley Adler. Money news 25 and 55 brought to you by pen fed credit union, great rates for everyone. Let's go to Larry Kafka. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Interest rate worries were back on Wall Street after a closely watched inflation measure came in stronger than expected for January. Stocks closed sharply lowered, down industrials tumbled 337, the S&P dropped 42 the NASDAQ sank one 95. Earnings declines and heavy debt loads are leading many companies to cut costs one way they're doing that is by reducing dividends until Haines friends and VF corporation cut their payouts this month. Others will likely follow. A break for farmers and maybe for food prices as well. The cost of fertilizer is at a nearly two year low thanks to lower production costs. Prices had surged to record highs last year after Russia invaded Ukraine. The factory that builds Ford's F one 50 lightning electric pickup will stay closed for another week. The automaker is fixing a problem that caused one of the trucks to catch fire earlier this month. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Larry kofsky, on WTO P. The worst week of the year so far for the down NASDAQ and S&P all down about 3% for the week. Southern California is experiencing rain and snow conditions tonight, Ukraine has marked more than one year now since Russia's invasion and prosecutors cross examined the former South Carolina attorney Alec Murdoch during his murder trial. It's all ahead of ten with CBS News. Hi, I'm Katie from long roofing. For four generations, we've helped families just like yours bring beauty, value, and comfort with our homes. Our professional and customer

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