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A prominent American anchor woman for a rainy and TV has been taken into custody as the AP's Ed Donahue reports she was arrested by the FBI during a visit to the US Marzia. Ho shawny was filming a black lives matter documentary in Saint Louis apprehended and the airport there, there weren't any charges that were mentioned her son Hussein Ashani says it appears she is wanted as a material witness what kind of material witness, what d- issues are whether persons are we have no idea Ashani points out. His mother is an American citizen. He's a Muslim American citizens African American, and she has certain particular kinds of views. Iran is facing increased criticism of its own arrest of dual nationals and others with ties to the west, Ed Donahue, Washington. The Williams sisters highlight today's play at the Australian Open may piece Grammy. Ours has a look at second round action from bellboy rejuvinated serene. Williams coasted into the Australian Open third round closing out Fulmer. Well, top ten Eugenie Bouchard in straight-sets conceding. Just four games along the way sister, Venus, also advanced, but took three sets before doing so the women's top seed Simona Halep also went the full distance before advancing the US I've been champion. Soccer moved through in straight-sets in men's action. Top eight Novak Djokovic up the Frenchman. Jo Wilfried some but the false lead Alexander's very justified in five gram. I got us melborn. The nation's airports are feeling the effects of the partial government shutdown AP's, Matt small reports TSA officers air, traffic, controllers and safety. Inspectors seed no end in sight, they continue to work without pay..

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