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WTVN Sattar Mondays going now Johnny hill road going to be a little wet this morning Scotch will allow semester save stopping distances special of the rush hour gets going for the moment running smoothly and up to speed all the way into and through downtown this morning to seventy in about fifteen minutes from title to east in either direction seventy one of three fifteen at about ten minutes from the north out of bounds into downtown traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens power by Tim start custom air you accepting just a few I'm Johnny gill newsradio six ten WTVN Mary B. C. six first warning weather from meteorologist changed like Michael lands Johnny mention go see some rain today will stay mild and breezy as well the high fifty seven degrees for tonight rain continues I'll be mild at first but then temperatures fall below that sound the forty for tomorrow early rain some snow flurries possible and falling temperatures behind tomorrow early will be at forty degrees again with temperatures falling through the day tomorrow weather's power by the basement doctor right now cloudy some rain moving through from the southwest actually forty nine short north fifty eight your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN it's Ohio state and Clemson in the semi final the college football playoff on December twenty eighth but ahead co trying to isolate what the history between the two specially the last time Ohio state was in the playoff I think we'll use that as a reference point but that's two very different teams in so that we I was in here and a lot of guys work here but we will definitely use as reference point but I don't think it's very relevant the Buckeyes lost to the Tigers thirty one nothing in the Fiesta Bowl in twenty sixteen this time around it's also in the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale Arizona if you're looking to make the trip to the desert to support the Buckeyes better book your package soon like Reynolds the owner at Reynolds travel.

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