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Well as long as you're not playing on stage in the rain in a number of musicians have checked out that way right they suddenly you're playing in the rain may grab a microphone they grab live mike and they check out real quick it's a horrible way to go yeah no i've made a way past twenty seven i'm i'm in late forties now so i've i've already crossed that threshold i guess i'll never be a real rockstar but no i really do remember that it was it was it was it was kind of a dramatic you know experience and so always remember that is like lightning was gonna come down and just strike me not not destroy me but just like exemplified that power or something all right well just take cover take cover remember that thanks for the call rick of phil phil rizzuto who played shortstop with the new york yankees and then later he used to do color commentary during the yankee telecasts he was a remarkable storyteller and he was paranoid of being struck by lightning when he was out in the field playing baseball and of course the storm clouds would roll in and he would get very nervous he'd run off the field in like in the middle of an inning if you heard you know the crack of thunder the other thing that he used to do was i had to laugh when he when he said this he would take his chewing gum and and you know on the top of your baseball cap sometimes at least in the early days they'd have a little metal button or dome and he was afraid that that was going to attract the lightning so he would take his chewing gum and he would stick it on top of that little metal button on the top of his baseball cap it's not rock and roll but it's a it's a good story nonetheless all right let's say hi to let's see let's go east of the rockies joe is an long island joe welcome to coast to coast good morning redshirt content you know continuing on the same one of the things i have really two basis to cover one was with the idea that some of these people i wonder if it's really showmanship it's an ad jimi hendrix would burn his qatar which i thought was waste you know those great guitars let's paul maybe even and.

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